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Distributed Flight Array
Transport Future

Individual vehicles self-assemble, coordinate, and take flight.

Video by Others added on 2013 Jun 21
Subjects: future flight
flying platform
Transport Future

Controlled by the pilot shifting his body weight. (What could go wrong?)

Video by Others added on 2012 May 21
Subjects: future flight, helicopter, transport
Quad Copter with Machine Gun
Transport Future

Coming soon to the skies above you.

Transport Future

Choreographed nano-copter swarms.

Video by Others added on 2012 Apr 18
Subjects: future flight, robot
Transport Future

Les premiers vrais tests du nano quad d'Ulix, un plaisir à voir et à piloter! [video]

Video by Others added on 2012 Mar 29
Subjects: future flight
Virtual lounge
Transport Future

Like flying in a virtual country club.

Laura Summers, Tulsa World • Mon 2010 Oct 4, 10:07pm

BARTLESVILLE — Valter Dellanebbia wants to make the skies friendly and affordable for younger aviation enthusiasts... “We are trying to bring young people back to aviation,” Dellanebbia said as he showed off a Jabiru J-230 LSA model... This is made in Tennessee and the engine is from Australia. We wanted to make aviation affordable. You can buy one of these aircraft for one-tenth the price of others." .. For those looking to buy aircraft, the Jabiru model in Bartlesville carries a price tag of about $100,000. .. If the price is too steep, don’t worry. Dellanebbia has models available from $50,000 on up....