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geoffb5 #82: ...We have about 250 feet of bookshelf, some double deep, and still there are more than 60 boxes of books in the basement from the move 10 years ago that I'm too old/tired to deal w

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When a pimply high schooler was cooking your McFish Sandwich, you only had to worry about that rare one who would spit in the tartar sauce.

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Subjects: digital future, economics, robot

So, I took time to craft a tl;dr response and missed the Captain? That's the ONT for you.

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Internet postings will leave no bones for historians to mine.

That's all I've got.

Peas. Oute.

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Subjects: archeology, digital future
But... the PAIN!
The Art of

Pondering art in the digital age, creatiivity, self-publication, and self-marketing, an armchair essay, digitally created, self-publlished, and self-marketed such as it is.

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Subjects: creativity, World Wide Web, digital future
Comments open

HR: "Dunno who they all vote for, but they allowed fundraising for the Gosnell movie being written by Andrew Klavan..."

Right, I recollect that now. Thanks, HR.

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Subjects: Andrew Klavan, digital future, finances, politics

Anyone know if IndieGoGo is any less left-leaning than Kickstarter and GoFundMe?

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Subjects: digital future, finances

"Iron Man" Gives 7yo Real Bionic Arm
Leon Siciliano, Telegraph UK

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Subjects: celebrity, digital future, Iron Man

No clue in the article why this article is locally datelined, but that's why it showed up in my newsfeeds.

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Subjects: digital future, threat

cyber attack reminds me of ... missile command?

late stages

1 uh oh

2 vacate my bermuda

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Subjects: digital future

I got in the last word on smart meters in the last thread.

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Subjects: Big Brother, digital future, energy

Edison "imagined his viewer to be a cylinder the size of his phonograph records, with approximately 42,000 images, each 1/32 of an inch wide."

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Subjects: digital future, film, Thomas Edison

If a digital clock loses power, when it comes back on it flashes 12:00. So it's still right twice a day.
Posted by: rickl

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Subjects: digital future, timekeeping

Speaking of Pon Raul, ssssorry about prev styleguide faux pas. What's the right term again?

And you know the thing about stopped clocks?

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Subjects: digital future, timekeeping

The authors believe this takeover will happen in two stages. First, computers will start replacing people in especially vulnerable fields...

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Subjects: digital future

Home invaders caught on cam, clear pix, even a name. (Posted by PJ at the end of the Home Invader thread, thought it worth reposting)

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Subjects: digital future
Of course, those ads will be optional. Right? Right?
Further cocooning ourselves, or liberating? Discuss.

The "Town Hell" debate had an audience of undecided voters. They were undecided how many votes they wanted to cast for Obama.

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Subjects: Election 2012, digital future, freedom of information

Reposting myself (is that kosher?) from the footsballs thread, new news to ensure you sleep soundly:

205 Speaking of football, this just came in c/o War News Updates:

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Subjects: attack, China, digital future, nuclear

While I still always watch, and sometimes she gets off a really good one, this show has lost some of its luster for us. The heavy-handed laugh track has become quite tiresome, when it isn't actually repulsive. She could expand her repertoire of delivery from just snark, especially on the more sombre matters. For those reasons, 'round our house, we've come to prefer Scott Ott's reports. But it's all good to have 'em all out there!

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Subjects: news, digital future

The web cartoonist getting sued by some litigious lawyer raised many times the amount asked (none went to the lawyer; he photographed the money and sent that, then gave the money to charity).

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Subjects: human right, digital future, World Wide Web

"The flip open communicators were very like modern cell phones are."

The flip-style was based on Trek. But...

Modern teen: Hey, dood, Nice retro cell! You got 4g?

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Subjects: digital future, Star Trek, World Wide Web
Robbie the Robot
Transport Future

As robots grow more autonomous, society needs to develop rules to manage them.

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Subjects: robot, digital future, automation

The ubiquity of videotech and Internet spells the end of Television as we knew it. I haven't had a TV, no tuner, no antenna, cable, or dish, in years. The creativity available online is astonishing and bountiful. In similar fashion, the dominance of theaters by Hollywood is being eroded by the independent producers. Movies aren't really dead. They're just morphing.

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light monorail car
Transport Future

Big Brother will be watching where you go.

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Subjects: automation, automobile, Big Brother, digital future