State of the Union 2013
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"Also, we're not quartering. We're fortifying."
"Besides, we are at war. A war on crime!"

This is a dramatization for political education,
not intended to reflect any real persons, dogs, or events,
but based on allegations described in
Police Commandeer Homes, Get Sued:

"He claims that police treated his parents the same way."

Text of the Bill of Rights

Image Sources

That poor sad little doggie:
LOST - Small Dog Maltese/Yorkie MIX
San Francisco, 2008 :(

Sole of Shoe:
Men's Dress Shoe Repair, Full Soles and Heels

Police Swat Squad:

Zeus Pepper Ball Gun:

CZ-75 Police Pistol:

Mom's face:
5 Gifts Mom Doesn't Want for Mother's Day

That Guy's Room:
"Simple Tricks to Make a Small
Living Room Look Larger"

room before & after