State of the Union 2013
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First and Foremost

First and Foremost
What part of "no law" is so difficult of understanding?

I wasn't really sure how well George Zimmerman's case
qualified for illustration of a "redress" question,
but then I realized how he wasn't charged
until the Federals intervened.

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Praying Hands:
Constitutional Amendments/Supreme Court Cases

HHS Mandate protest:
Pro-Lifers Arrested Protesting HHS Mandate at White House

Man with Megaphone line art:

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula arrest:

Newsboy line art:
"Ideas on Events and Culture from Washington, DC"

AP tweet:

Assembly, line art:
"The leading blog in Ethiopia"

DHS at IRS protest:

Meeting around a table line art:

George Zimmerman::
George Zimmerman is Innocent (Facebook)
In Court: