2013 Oct 13 Washington DC

The march of Truth cannot be halted

This video was found to have been embedded at World News, as of 2014 Feb 19.

This video was embedded at Moonbattery. Honored, Dave, to be in company of those other powerful videos. (Of course, anytime you start with a Reagan speech…)

This video was embedded at TheAmericanRight.com - h/t Topiary Lady!

The video and the two from Moonbattery were also included in the playlist Freedom Isn't Free.

More Memorial Day tribute videos at Zilla of the Resistance

Another I ran across: I Fought For You by andrewmanzano on YouTube.

This video was re-processed and re-posted to YouTube by tomlacovara where it has more thumbs-up than all my videos combined (2014-06-19).