Radically Inclined Offsite Comments Highlights 2013 Oct

Small jewels rescued from the slurry

So that no one has to mine the heap of offsite comments for the nuggets, these were panned out of the stream for October 2013, brushed off and polished up as needed before being set here:

Who are the media now?

Wed 2013 Oct 2, 3:25pm

Drop the "media," the "press," and the "journalists," at least in relation to those outlets which once might have deserved such names but which now are all Ministry of Propaganda branches.

CNN drops TurnerI want to mention this again: I had access to Cable yestermorn, and noticed that CableOne had a slide saying they had dropped CNN & other Turner channels over doubled fees and dropping ratings. Big sad, not.

If you wonder, how do we inform, reform, or take over (etc) the media, maybe you're not asking the right question. Or not asking it of the right media.

Newspapers: dying. Broadcast revenues (excepting conservative talk radio)? I don't know, and am too armchair right now to ixquick it, but I presume the big networks are having problems, if not local stations. And this isn't the first fees up/ratings down cable dispute, right?

How will the Dinosaur Media of the Ministry of Propaganda die? Starved to death. Cable (TV) itself is going to go away, I guess. I'll even add the phone service as we know it. Gone the way of telegrams. It's acceleratingly becoming all Internet.

I know broadcast and print still rule a lot of minds. The Sea Change (choke.. did I just use that? what does that mean?) hasn't quite happened yet. CableOne will probably negotiate something with CNN.

Still, hopeful signs. The Media, already, AFAIC, is AoSHQ & kin. With or without government permission.

The number to call

Thu 2013 Oct 3, 11:03pm

What's the number you should know?
F 1 U C K Y O
Help our government to grow!
F 1 U C K Y O
Call today and sign up, bro.
F 1 U C K Y O
Doctor Uncle Sam you blow.
F 1 U C K Y O

Soured Brand

Fri 2013 Oct 4, 8:38am

ElephantRINO - Perhaps we're past the point where being a RINO should be considered a liberal in conservative's wool. With the old leadership, RINO means not acting like Boener and the Associate Progressives. For example: Cruz is a RINO, a conservative yet Republican.

Sad to see the Republican name so soured. As the search for third-party names always demonstrates, it's hard to beat. For truth in advertising, the great civil struggle is Constitutional Republicanism ("if you can keep it" -BenF) vs Democratic totalitarianism.

Proper Province of Government

Mon 2013 Oct 7, 9:49am

Aside from military and veterans, what has been 'shut down' that is in the proper purview of Constitutional goverment?

Every thing I read about (and so much more, of course) seems like a laundry list of agencies and activities for a Real President or Congress to shut down permanently, handed to the states, or, more often, citizens.

Missed Reagan the first time

Sat 2013 Oct 12, 11:21am

ReaganBetween being in my 20s and more finding fault in all politicians, and the lefty superficial media reportage pre-Internet, and no contact with counter-narrative sources, I was not enamored of him at the time of his election. I did foresee he'd be in for eight, easily.

By the time the Wall fell, I was a bit more appreciative.

Footnote. When the Wall went up, I was 9. When the Wall came down, our daughter was 9. An age at which one can be mightily impressed by such events.

Nobody ever kicks a dead dog

Sun 2013 Oct 13, 9:42am

"The day he was inaugurated, a friend said to the father of Robert Maynard Hutchins: 'I was shocked this morning to read that newspaper editorial denouncing your son.'

"'Yes,' the elder Hitchens replied, 'it was severe, but remember that no one ever kicks a dead dog.'"

From the chapter "Remember That No One Ever Kicks a Dead Dog," in How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie.

Avoid Laughingstock Media

Sun 2013 Oct 13, 1:01pm

I don't have an actual teevee set. I don't have a teevee antenna. I don't have cable teevee. I don't have satellite teevee. Haven't for years now. Yet, apparently, I'm better informed than 99% of the folks I know who watch those sources.

See, I peruse "independent groups dedicated to observing and disseminating information about important events" every day. Like right here this morning, for example. I also when I can observe and disseminate.

Dan RatherIn fact, I only find out what's happening with the old Laughingstock Media when I see it reported by the real media. "Piers Morgan said this, ha ha ha," whoever he is. "Rachel Maddow said that, ha ha ha," whoever she is. They are nobody to me.

What we have (until they come for us) is what "freedom of the press" really means. Everybody owns the "presses" now. This is The Press. Realize it. Promote it. Enjoy it. This is the Media Now. You're not just soaking in it. It B We.

Hizzonah's Lunch

Tue 2013 Oct 22, 8:20am

Hizzonah Mayor Richard J Daley would've eaten Rahm Emmanual for lunch, with TFG for desert.

Ted "Bruiser" Cruz

commented Wed 2013 Oct 23, 1:36pm

I want to apologize to Nigeria for saying that the Obamacare was like a Nigerian Scam, which it is, but what I meant to say was, the Obama administration is like the Somali Pirates!

pResident Choomster with nostrils frosted

commented Thu 2013 Oct 24, 9:36am
Cutie-pie OI think, this week, I shall have all US Marines required to wear orange clown noses. And ruffles. You know, the really big ones around the neck like those old paintings. They would look just so precious, don't you think, Val?
Thu 2013 Oct 24, 9:44am
And for the Presidential elections, I shall put forth an Fatwa Executive Order that one State will be chosen by 'lottery' ::giggle:: to vote for the President. We'll start with New York...

Muted Morning

Sat 2013 Oct 26, 8:04am

Half-moon behind thin clouds
Ghostly pallor across the pastures
A muted All Hallow's Eve
before the glorious All Saints dawn

Ban DST!

Sun 2013 Oct 27, 1:05am

Midnight, Mountain Time,
Except for perverse Man.
Clocks shifted East, but
The Sun refuses to cooperate.

Some kind of ode to Ace of Spades HQ, I guess

Sun 2013 Oct 27, 11:33pm

They warned, avoid the h8rs
They warned, don't enter in
Those racist Ace of Sp8rs
That den of filth and sin

Strange was the attraction
The drunken revels' roar
The fervent shout Get Off My Lawn
As I walked in the door

Nearby gunshots resounded
Pants fell and boobies strained
The urge to flee abounded
Entranced I but remained

When suddenly I hear it
At heart behind the play
Celebrating Spirit
of Because We Can Today!

Defending the borders

Sun 2013 Oct 27, 11:58pm

Courtesy of Mrs. Webworker, courtesy of gatesofvienna.net:

Bulgaria is planning to build a wall along its border with Turkey to keep out illegal immigrants.

Creepy Creeping

Mon 2013 Oct 28, 7:58am

Govt runs the trains.
Govt runs the roads.
Govt runs the schools.
Govt decides what we eat.
Govt decides what we own.
Govt runs the friggin' clocks!
But we don't want socialism.

Spymaster Obama

Mon 2013 Oct 28, 10:58am

Scary O[headlines:]

Obama Knew Of NSA Spying On Merkel

Obama Claims To Have No Knowledge Of Spying On World Leaders

This begs the old question:

What did the President know?
And when did he quit knowing it?

(h/t Natl Lampoon of long ago)

Oklahoma living

Tue 2013 Oct 29, 7:51am

We apparently got a blast from the South, because it's actually shirtsleeves warm in NE Land of the Red Man this morning. And wet. Like a late Spring day. After some chilly mornings, I'll take it!

Here in the middle of the continent, when the wind blows out of the South, it can feel like Louisiana.

When our weather comes out of the North, hardened Montana visitors have been known to freak out over the biting cold winds. (Srsly)

From the West, thunderstorms and tornadoes. Always impressive.

Out of the East? Taxes, socialists, tyrants, and thieves. Glad the earth's rotation* keeps that to a minimum.

What's Missing is Principle

Wed 2013 Oct 30, 10:45pm

I watched Ronald Reagan's speech for Goldwater with my daughter tonight. Edifying and horrifying half-hour. I think the only thing missing from a total parallel with the current situation is... where's a Barry Goldwater?

Everything "Progressive" actually regresses

Thu 2013 Oct 31, 4:10pm

Civilization developed knowledge and reason, a Golden Rule, and the ideal of Self-Government. I'd add, a common 'faith' of mutual religious tolerance.

Progressivism is an ironically inverted misnomer, like all their projections and deceptions.

Everything "Progressive" actually regresses to those swamps of savage ignorance, superstition, immorality, and tyranny, and, of course, religion of the Elite, from which (some of) human society has barely emerged.