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Regarding modern Americans' knowledge of socialism...

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Subjects: socialism, Venezuela

Gregory of Yardale: "...Within a few years, the socialist experiment failed, as their utopia collapsed..."

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Subjects: community, family, socialism

willow: "uh, just getting a spot of coffee"

willow: "i see another thread is up."

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Subjects: China, socialism

... and...

Folks sometimes argue one socialist excuse to support another, usually something like, can't legalize drugs because socialized medicine.

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Subjects: liberty, responsibility, socialism

All Your Children Belong to Us, Redux -Political Hat

Y'know... that kind of thing ... it was kinda funny when it was babbling powerless crackpots in a corner.

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Subjects: children, parenting, socialism

"My main concern with legalized weed is the same as it always has been: who pays?"

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Subjects: liberty, responsibility, socialism
Alfred E. Obama
Radical Incline

So that no one has to mine the heap of offsite comments for the nuggets, these were panned out of the stream for October 2013, brushed off and polished up as needed before being set here.

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Ten 'til "Seven" (actually Six) o'clock and no hint of sun. The weak, waning moon barely lights the overcast. Cool and quiet. Feels like trick-or-treating weather!

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Subjects: proper province of government, socialism, weather

"The pendulum is never denied. It swung sooo far to the left in 2008 it's gonna take a huge burst of momentum to bring it to the right."

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Subjects: socialism
Radical Incline

The left is frustrated with Obama despite all he has accomplished.

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Supercongress completely shreds Article 1 Section 1 of the Constitution.

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Subjects: US Congress, US Constitution, Barack Obama, socialism

He’d like to see the U.S. become more like a European nation

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Subjects: unions, socialism, AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka
Bad Quaker
Radical Incline

Countering common erroneous arguments for prohibitionism; the Golden Rule as the foundation for good law.

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