Investigative journalism by the grassroots

The "Town Hell" debate had an audience of undecided voters. They were undecided how many votes they wanted to cast for Obama.

I followed the debate on Ace's live-blog, marveling at what happens when the millions of us monkeys are unleashed on interconnected typewriters.

One of the questioner's was announced onscreen and in what seemed like seconds, some commenter posted a link to that (likely that) person's FaceBook page.

The moment the Benghazi Spin was spun, links to transcripts and videos of the Rose Garden announcement were posted, and I gather the same was happening all over the blog- and tweet- and etc-o-spheres.

Reports on what the CNN live-time response meters were showing were occasionally announced, and reactions from Luntz (sp?) group were summarized in the live-blog comments. They watched so I didn't have to, I just got the cream.

"Investigative journalism" by the grassroots, propagated by a thousand trusted blogs, is powerful stuff, and only getting powerfulllier.

As before, the GOP videos were on YouTube practically while the candidates were still mingling with the audience.

'Twas not thus in days of yore!

I dig it.