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Oh. Excuse my Male Privilege, ma'am. I did not mean to direct it in your general direction.

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Subjects: women's liberation

OregonMuse: ...Watch this ugly fat chick literally throw a temper tantrum, like a 2-year old, screaming incoherently and flailing her arms about....

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Subjects: women's liberation

Pat Condell in his usual sedate, genteel form.

The brief description doesn't do it justice.

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Subjects: Islam, women's liberation

Sherry McEvil @239

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Subjects: women's liberation
Radical Incline

Suggestions for improving the ten with women, and other ideas for monetary changes.

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Under some of Obama's friends, lady parts are treated rather badly. Here's my variation on their e-card.

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Subjects: genital mutilation, Barack Obama, women's liberation
Shadow Woman
Radical Incline

No dhimmi. Nobama.

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Unthinkable! GOP lies! All women are in lockstep with the Demoncrats! [Does Obi Wan Kanobi hand-wave] There are no strong, outspoken conservative women.

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Subjects: politics, family, women, women's liberation
Not funny!
UB comix

Cut ye your fellow some slack.

Cartoon added on 2002 Jan 5
Subjects: Urantia Moovement, humor, women's liberation
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