Far more obscure than CS Lewis or the Beatles

Far more obscure than CS Lewis or the Beatles, but still relatively famous in some circles at the time, 50yrs ago yesterday, death of Wm Sadler Sr., psychologist and mysticism debunker (who, ironically, shepherded The Urantia Book into existence).

Quote from "Four Good Working Habits" chapter of How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie:

Dr Sadler opened up the drawers of his desk. All empty - except for supplies. "Tell me," said the patient, "Where do you keep your unfinished business?"

"Finished!" said Sadler.

And where do you keep your unanswered mail?"

"Answered!" Sadler told him. "My rule is never to lay down a letter until I have answered it. I dictate the reply to my secretary at once."

End Carnegie quote.

A secretary! That's what I've always needed!

Alas, my life, like our nation's, is mostly chaos and disorder. "Order is Heaven's first law," Carnegie quotes Pope. Then, my prayer, more than ever, is, Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Forgive my random rambling, friends.