Turkey and Cheese Omelette

Turkey and Cheese Omelette Breakfast
What We Eat #1. 2014 Feb 13
Breakfast of Turkey and Cheese Omelette
with toast, coffee, and juice

I didn't feel much like fussing with bacon, so when I looked in the refrigerator drawer and saw sliced turkey, I was happily inspired to make a Turkey and Swiss Omelette. A tasty recipe to be repeated.

The plate may look a little bare as a result of no side dish other than buttered toast, but the omelette has all the goodies, including oregano, cumin, and cilantro, and a dollop of our own Santa Fe-style hot green chili sauce on top. Orange-peach-mango juice with a dash of cranberry. And coffee. Mmm.

Photo: Mindful Webworker