Re-designed hundreds of pages to allow for a better print-out

I've re-designed hundreds of pages to allow for a better print-out, should you choose to use dead trees. These are not separate print-out pages, but each page designed to format differently on screen and in print. (Other media formats to follow in time, for those who need them.) Print-outs will now (usually) take up less paper than the equivalent screen display. Onscreen links and some other material will be missing from the print versions, and some of the print versions will have information (e.g. web addresses printed out) that are not seen onscreen. The printouts have only been tested on a 8.5" * 11" portrait-oriented page, with the browser set for a tight .2cm margin all around, and no headers or footers. If you use other settings, your results may vary. Fully tested with the Opera and Internet Explorer browsers. Full testing on others yet to come. There are problems. On songs, the "page-break-avoid" attribute which keeps a verse of a song confined to a single printed page doesn't work on IE, a known bug. Most pages work as intended in IE. I only found one other failure with IE, and there are a couple of glitches with Opera. If you spot problems, write the