Tinkering Behind the Scenes

One thing leads to another. I've spent the last several weeks caught up in technical details.

Adjutants Wall DecalIt began with adding Adjutants images to the Mindful Webworks Marketplace (CafePress) store.

This led to an overhaul of every shop in the Marketplace, which had been woefully neglected since its inception. More work could be done on it, but the shops look a lot better, brighter, and like Mindful Webworks pages.

Also, all the prices were lowered to 5% above cost, so buy lots more stuff.

Next, I put a banner at the top of all the Mindful Webworks website pages, announcing the Marketplace pricing. Seemed a simple enough idea.

However, this caused several other blocks on some pages to look jumbled and out of place. There's a system of weights and pulleys behind your monitor screen, which arrange the various blocks on a page, the header, sidebars, footer, and content stuff. I ended up adjusting every weight and pulley in the website. Believe me, it's better now even if it mostly looks the same. Future disarray will be avoidable.

When that was all done, I realized there were some things that were just wrong here and there. The "Larger" button on Daily Doodles pages and home page, for example, did not always correctly point to the larger image. Other adjustments too obscure to bother describing also took a while.

The website itself may be only a frame for the content, but I like to think of it as a big ol' Mindful Webwork; the mothership.

I hope to be getting back to regularly spawning content in time for the website's 18th anniversary on March 17th.