Heap o' Links Fri Apr 2, 2021

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PUBLISHED BELATEDLY. For reasons, this is being composed on April 5, catching up and closing tabs. As of Apr 4, one of my main resources, Ace of Spades, is down, and likely will be for a day or two more. Meanwhile, links to Ace♠ will not be working.

J.J. Sefton's A♠ Morning Report - Apr 2, 2021
Mon-Fri, best news links source on the web

Bits & Bytes - Apr 2, 2021
chrissy on PoliNation, news, views, and links to amuse
Before Trump Was President, The Man Was Already A LEGEND
Mr Reagan, YouTube, Apr 2, 2021 (5:00)

Porky Bickar and Foolish History
The History Guy, YouTube, Apr 2, 2021 (15:11)