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President [in-exile] Trump, portrait for the Smithsonian
Benny @bennyjohnson, Twitter, Apr 26, 2021
President [in Exile] Trump, portrait for the Smithsonian

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Oklahoma now 2nd Amendment Sanctuary state
Kane, Citizen Free Press, Apr 26, 2021

Oklahoma is now a Second Amendment Sanctuary state after Governor Kevin Stitt signed Senate Bill 631 into law this morning.

SB 631, also known as the Second Amendment Sanctuary Act, would prevent the confiscation or surrender of firearms, gun accessories, or ammunition from law-abiding Oklahomans, protecting the right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Okla Gov Stitt signs 2A law

Iranian Foreign Minister: John Kerry Spilled American National Security Secrets To Us and Told Us that Israel Had Conducted Over 200 Anti-Iran Operations in Syria
Ace of Spades♠

Of course these disclosures are true— you can tell because the Democrats and their allied media are smothering this story in silence and refusing to ask questions or give answers.

KETUCKY REBEL SCUM @KRS_JAC, Twitter, Apr 24, 2021

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It's a cult!
Werise @We_Have_Risen, Twitter, Apr 25, 2021

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What conspiracy? Nothing to see here!
The Red Elephants @RealRedElephants, Gab, Apr 25, 2021 (1:53)

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See Ace's post for many more great memes and info

Foster @foster_type, Twitter, Apr 25, 2021