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How a Texas Gunfighter Cop Stopped the ISIS Attack in Garland, Texas

…As Greg engaged Simpson and Soofi, an undercover FBI agent was traveling with the terrorists in a separate vehicle, approaching the rear entrance where the gunfight happened. The agent and two terrorists had traveled all the way from Arizona, in two vehicles. It was claimed the FBI agent took pictures of the attack, just as it started. It was claimed he participated in intelligence gathering, and in planning the attack, advising the terrorists to wait until the event was ending.

The FBI agent, only identified in the following lawsuit as UCE-1, stopped, then attempted to flee the scene.…

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Was This All God's Plan?
A. Welderson, American Thinker, Mar 21, 2021

…It’s clear to anyone who will look at the numbers that the Democrats cheated. The frenzied efforts of big tech and the media to stifle investigation is an attempt to delay the public’s inevitable realization of just how big of a scam it all was.… And yet, there is some good to come from the past few months.… Was it the hand of God that shook us from those comfortable delusions, or just pure dumb luck? Who can say? Does it matter? We are now awakened to reality, distressing as it is.… Above all of it, I can almost glimpse God's stern, yet patient, visage as we re-learn lessons we forgot.…

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California Study Advocates Injecting Men With Female Hormones To Treat Covid
The National Pulse, Mar 20, 2021

…“While our findings are encouraging for the potential of using progesterone to treat men with COVID-19, our study had significant limitations….”

Ummm… how do I put this? How about Hell, no!

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Today’s blacklisted Americans: Virginia teachers & parents who oppose teaching children that whites are evil and minorities cannot be racist

In an effort to slander their opponents and prevent them from shutting down the use of Critical Race Theory (CRT) with its blatant anti-white propaganda, administrators, teachers, and some parents in Loudon County, Virginia, began compiling an enemies list of anti-CRT parents and teachers to blacklist those individuals and silence them.…

The stupid! It burns!
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"Helen Keller, you know the terrorist guy"
Jamie @jamie2181, Twitter, Feb 21, 2021
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Copper Clapper Caper on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show
Johnny Carson, YouTube, Aug 27, 2012 (1:57)

Joni Mitchell Both Sides Now on Mama Cass Show 1969
Baby Mario and Adriel, YouTube, Mar 2, 2015 (4:19)