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Kubong Cafe
Ace of Spades ♠ —vids of cute critters and classless clowns
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EXTREME tornado footage captured by drone
over Andover, KS last night! Erratic vortex behavior

Reed Timmer, YouTube, Apr 30, 2022 (9:03)

TwisterOn Friday, a tornado ripped through Andover, Kan., doing damage to a large swath of the town but causing only minor injuries.

The twister touched down in Sedgwick County and moved into the town of Andover, which is located southeast of Wichita. Preliminary reports are that the tornado was an EF3, with sustained winds of 136 MPH.

Andover Fire and Police reported that at least 1,000 structures sustained damage from the tornado and that one major highway was shut down, but there were no gas or water leaks.

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Massive Earthquake Swarm in Antarctica Suggest Sleeping Volcano Awakening

VolcanoA ‘swarm’ of 85,000 earthquakes in Antarctica that lasted about six months in 2020 was triggered by magma from an underwater volcano, a new study says. … During the swarm, ground on neighbouring King George Island moved 4.3 inches (11cm) – suggesting a ‘finger’ of magma almost reached the surface…. there is a strong possibility that a super-volcano could be under the massive ice sheets. … the last time a super-volcano erupted, it almost wiped-out our species. …

I'm Tired of Having To Explain This To Everyone!
Mark Dice, YouTube, May 2, 2022 (4:03)

They did it again!
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Pastor Gets Cop Sued After Having Innocent Man Arrested
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Ham Radio and Operation Deep Freeze
The History Guy, YouTube, May 2, 2022 (16:49)