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A♠ Sunday Morning Book Thread, Mar 28, 2021
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The Origin of Paul's Religion by J. Gresham Machen (1921)

The following discussion is intended to deal, from one particular point of view, with the problem of the origin of Christianity. That problem is an important historical problem, and also an important practical problem. It is an important historical problem not only because of the large place which Christianity has occupied in the medieval and modern world, but also because of certain unique features which even the most unsympathetic and superficial examination must detect in the beginnings of the Christian movement. The problem of the origin of Christianity is also an important practical problem. Rightly or wrongly, Christian experience has ordinarily been connected with one particular view of the origin of the Christian movement; where that view has been abandoned, the experience has ceased.…

h/t chrissy on PoliNation, who ran this a while back
Jena’s WalkAway Story

…I kept it a secret almost like I was experimenting with a new drug or something. Then in an act of final desperation, I decided to watch a Trump rally in its entirety. I watched the entire thing from beginning to end, waiting for him to say something so unhinged, so hateful, so racist, so “literal Hitler” that I would be able to vote for Hillary Clinton with enthusiasm. I NEEDED to hate him more than I hated her.

I watched and waited and waited … and waited … maybe it was an off night. Maybe I caught an uncharacteristic rally. Because his points were fair. Maybe I didn’t immediately agree with every single word, but I agreed with more than I disagreed and the stuff I disagreed with wasn’t make-or-break.

So, the next day I watched the news expecting something like, “Well, Donald Trump’s rally yesterday was surprisingly civil and uncharacteristically even.” But NO!! They took like one line he said COMPLETELY out of context (and I actually knew this because I watched the whole thing) and you guys … no joke they reported it like the sky was falling… for THREE days!! …

h/t Misanthropic Humanitarian on A♠ OverNight Thread
6 Lifesaving Skills Every Man Should Know
Brett & Kate McKay, Art of Manliness, Mar 23-26, 2021

While all of these can be performed by laypeople, Jared highly recommends taking an in-person first aid course so you can actually do some hands-on practice.

We got to watch, and sometimes visit with, Steve Goodman. Mighty artist, gone too soon.
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Let’s ride the City of New Orleans one more time

The song itself is one of those instant classics that are almost universally loved. What it is that makes it that way I can’t explain, except to repeat that it’s one of those songs that seems to exist in some Platonic sense as though it’s always been around, a perfect melding of sound and sense in almost all its versions.…

Neo does a great compare-and-contrast of Arlo's and Steve's versions of City of New Orleans.

Steve Goodman - City Of New Orleans - 4/18/1976 - Capitol Theatre
Folk & Country on MV, YouTube, Sep 23, 2014 (5:29)