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A♠ Morning Report, Jan 8, 2021
J.J. Sefton's acerbic editorials and bunches of news links
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To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th.

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January 6, 2020, a Day that Will Live in Political Infamy
Steve McCann, American Thinker, Jan 8, 2021

As we were able to position ourselves within 75 yards of the entrance, we noticed that among a large cadre of what appeared to be young Trump supporters there were many frankly stereotypical Antifa-looking militants waving Trump flags on the steps attempting to get to the doors as the useless barriers of portable and plastic fencing had been easily breached. These militants were at the entrance area before Trump’s speech at the Ellipse (two miles away) was finished. The speech could not have incited the subsequent mayhem. It was obvious to me that the Capitol Hill and Metro police were deliberately ill-prepared for a crowd of any size, much less the hundreds of thousands that ultimately arrived. Further, the police presence was miniscule and their only attempt at crowd control were a few random canisters of tear gas.

As the crowd at the steps grew, we saw the few police in attendance step aside and essentially allow the mob to flow into the Capitol. And thus, the Ruling Class and its media arm had the story for the day and the validation of their programmed mindset of stereotypically portraying the rally attendees as violent deplorables and President Trump as the execrable instigator.

Other than at the immediate Capitol building, among a small handful of what I am convinced were overwhelmingly anti-Trump demonstrators, there were no incidents. Among the overall police presence none were required to disperse or control perhaps 500,000+ attendees. Having attended numerous rallies since the late 1960s, this was the largest and most peaceful I have witnessed. Many police officers we talked to said the same.

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Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 101
Rudy W. Giuliani, Jan 8, 2021 (36:07)

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED On January 6th? Rudy Giuliani explains
Diamond and Silk, Rumble, Jan 8, 2021

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Trump rioters going wild in the Capitol
'Rioters' in the Capitol

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A professional cinematographer examines the President's most recent video and shares his conclusions
VoxDay, Jan 8, 2021

What does it all mean? I think it’s doctored… A prerecorded PR package concession speech from GEOTUS smells like total bullshit to me. Especially considering he’s been conveniently disappeared by the tech overlords since yesterday. …

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They Are Showing Their Weakness

The woman who was shot was SAID to have been climbing through a window. If you look at the window, there is no way that she could be climbing through (it's got small diamond-shaped panes). Now, I can't be sure, but these look to be traditional Tudor-style panes, which are metal strips, held together with solder. Those would be VERY sturdy, and not something you could just climb through.

The other side of the door

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Lindsey Graham SWARMED In Airport By People Screaming He's a "Traitor"
Dinesh D'Souza, Jan 8, 2021, Rumble
He reportedly missed his flight.

Pelosi, maskedSpeaking of unhinged…
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Pelosi wants to deny ‘unhinged’ Trump access to nuclear codes
WTVO, Jan 8, 2021
"“The situation of this unhinged President could not be more dangerous, and we must do everything that we can to protect the American people from his unbalanced assault on our country and our democracy,” Pelosi continued."

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Dan Bongino has now left Twitter… Twitter also suspended Grabien founder Tom S. Elliot…

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Tracy Beanz has been purged from Twitter.

She started as a home internet sleuth with UncoverDC and became a podcaster with Dark to Light. She's gained the attention of Trump, Flynn, and Powell in a very short time. She recently interviewed Patrick Byrne.

Please continue to follow her on Parler and Podbean. She's wonderful.

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Parler removed from Google play store.

The reason for Twitter banning Trump:

Varad Mehta

They're basically arguing that Trump's announcing he was skipping the inauguration was a coded signal to his supporters to attack DC again because he wouldn't be in the line of fire. Which is just nuts.
4:38 PM

Youtube has banned Steve Bannon's War Room

Rush Limbaugh has also apparently deleted his Twitter account.

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