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I'm going to be on @MariaBartiromo [it's over](Tuesday) morning at 8am ET (7am Texas time) to discuss the

former People's Liberation Army General that has quietly acquired over 200 sq miles of Texas land Val Verde Co. next to Laughlin Air Force base. #China #Espionage 1/6

The former General SUN Guangxin, who controls Xinjiang Guanghui, amassed the land by using a US frontman from Lufkin, TX. Their narrative is that the land is to develop a wind farm (appealing to all of the US alternative energy crowd) but this plan is much more sinister. 2/6

The proximity of 700-ft tall wind turbines will allow the Chinese Army to perform clandestine surveillance and collection of extremely sensitive information about our pilots, our base, their flight training, our planes, and even our electrical grid. 3/6

It can also enable the Chinese military to conduct surveillance from these massive towers of the US Border with Mexico which could aid drug mules entering into the US illegally which could be a force multiplier for the Chinese fentanyl drug highway into the US. 4/6

I believe the wind farm is non-sensical. The Devil's River watershed doesn't have the required wind to operate these monster turbines. Look closely at this map which shows slow average wind speeds for the entire area. SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE. 5/6

CFIUS has already conditionally approved the Blue Hills Energy Project but I suggest they execute an enhanced review of the entire Chinese acquisition and plan. More bombshells on
tomorrow morning.


I have to admit, the group who did the audit in MI put together a decent report. The Dominion machines are a cluster.


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