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Pompeii dig uncovers secrets from unearthed fast-food restaurant
Pompeii fast-food counter
Image: Pompeii Archeological park press office

…while some 80 such fast-food eateries have been found at the site of the massive volcanic explosion, it is the first thermopolium to be completely unearthed.… duck bone fragments were found in one of the containers, along with remains from goats, pigs, fish and snails. "We know what they were eating that day…."

Something warm for mid-winter enjoyment.
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Marilyn Monroe - "Heat Wave"
Marilyn Monroe Video Archives, Jan 22, 2018
Marilyn Monroe song and dance number "Heat Wave" from her 23rd movie "There's No Business Like Show Business" 1954

Since when did Santa Clause become a "jolly old elf"?

A jolly old elf would never have clocked Arias at the Council of Nicaea.

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Mr Blobbys Abandoned House - Dunblobbin Crinkley Bottom - 2014

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The Best of Brian Stelter - Mark Dice Impressions
Mark Dice, Dec 28, 2020

Oprah Winfrey Interviews Donald Trump in 1988
Andrew Philbrick, Jul 30, 2015

I think the title says it all:
Feds Investigate Evidence Nashville Bomber Hunted ‘Lizard People' and Aliens
Austin Kellerman, YouTube, Dec 29, 2020