Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary 2014

Nineteen-year-old lingering questions

We had just moved the family to Oklahoma from Chicago one year before. Our neighbor asked, had I heard about the explosion in OKC? I tuned in to TV; Tulsa channel was carrying OKC channel.

Murrah building from above

I remember, right at the first, the sketches of John Doe the Iraqi. The reports of multiple bombs still in the building. The latter may have been fog of war, the former...?

And the babies...!

I will always vividly remember, after watching the news a while, walking out and looking up at that beautiful blue Oklahoma morning sky, so like today, just wondering that anyone would do this.

One consideration for our relocation had been, we were living in a Major Target City and I had a funny feeling the WTC bombing was just a beginning. Then the worst terrorist attack to date happens 90 miles down the road. Felt a little like that Hiroshima survivor who thought the mushroom cloud had followed him home to Nagasaki.

That friend of McVeigh's who knew but didn't tell? I still wonder if he knows more than he's told. Or, anyway, than we know about. There are mysteries....