Second Life of Radd Dadd Upshaw

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Second Life — the website

Fermi Labs is a favorite sandbox, always with amazing creations by talented folks.


Sat 2008 May 24, Long time no blog. I have turned my attention back to the Chick'n'Egg project, recently. The latest script now has the entire life cycle, from egg to expiration. No reproduction yet.
Sat 2007-Nov-10, I started the Mindful Webworks Second Life pages, finally.
Tue 2007-Nov-06 22:44SLT, while working on chick'n'egg, two fellows suddenly rez up on my work platform floating above Fermi Lab sandbox. The only thing to see there is my barnyard, so I presume CH brought WF by just to observe my work.

CH: And there you have it.
WF: i dont get it
CH: I think I've bothered this gentelman quite enough.
RaddDadd: Heh
CH: click on this portal to return to where we met
(WF disappears)
CH: Sorry about that, old chap. He's a bit newbish.
RaddDadd: It's work in progress.
CH: indeed.
(CH disappears)

For the next couple of days of Second Life, I began experimenting with creating. I found out about sandboxes. I found out about being wiped out and sent back to home base. And I continued exploring. Then I began scripting.
On my second day of Second Life I began exploring the various parts of the world, checking out the lifeforms and what activities and events are available.
On my first day of Second Life I got my name, RaddDadd Upshaw. Upshaw was the closest on the list of proffered last names to my desired "Upanishadd." I adjusted my default appearance to something distantly resembling my real appearance, and began learning how to move around, chat, touch things, and otherwise travel and interact.