The Great American Song Video

Oh, beautiful!

Why? Because I had these two partial video recordings of this song, so I stitched them together. (Roughly. The audio change is rather obvious, even besides the sudden change of my hair and shirt). Then I overlaid them with silliness, as befits this goofy old song.
Lyrics are not quite the same as in the video. Most notably, I realized that all these years I'd been singing about Francis Scott Keyes, which isn't his name. Appropriate changes followed.

Note to patriots: No, I am not saying America is imperialistic. Not in spirit. But Americans can be, who veer from the American way. That's what this song is about. If anything. It's a one-note joke, see. How can a song titled The Great American Song not be The Great American Song, even if it isn't really The Great American Song? (Which would probably have to be either America the Beautiful or Don McLean's American Pie. Or American Woman by The Guess Who. Just kidding!)

Performed in Mindful Webworkshop #11, 2016 Oct 21, reformatted for wide-screen with slight edits, and vocal track added.