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Where in the World Wide Web I got those images, and stuff.

Transportation Basics
Image sources:

Horse and Buggy
Steven Noble

Horse-drawn car:
Horse vs Engine, Disk vs Cloud and how it impacts your winery (or widgets)

Off-road truck:
Ford Trucks
Show me your best Bronco II mud truck

Back to the Future:
AR Movie Guys

Robot driver:
Who Is To Blame When A Robotic Car Crashes?

Misguided Projections
Image Sources:

Old flying car:
Below the Fold
Beware the Flying Cars of Progress (Redux)

Green Sphere Car:
Dark Roasted Blend (Check it out!)
Adorable Micro Cars, Part 3

Hitachi Ropits:
This Tiny Car Drives Itself

John Wayne:
Aha Wallpaper

Nelson Muntz:
Simpsons Wiki

Google Self-Driving Car:

Jet Pack:
All Things D

Disneyland Monorail:
Fatal Disney World Monorail Crash


Bullet Train:
DLR Aerospace Center
Researching the train of the future

ULTra rail:
ULTra Brings Public Transport of the Future to Heathrow

Pedal Monorail:
Trends Updates
Google Invests $1 Million in Shweeb’s
Bike-Powered Monorail Transportation System - Trends Updates

("Dweeb" is apparently mis-spelled.)
See also Mindful's Transport Future page:
A Pedal-Powered Monorail

Hot Wheels:
Hot Wheel Racetracks

Jetsons ©H-B:
Driverless Cars
Driverless cars for the next decades in 4 steps

step 0: today’s self parking feature and Google cars
step 1: partially autonomous driverless cars
step 2: everyone can operate a driverless car
step 3: shared driverless cars
[Ummmmmmm.... about step 4... and 0 and 1...]

Moving Sidewalks:

Old B&W moving "slidewalk":
Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
Fast Moving Sidewalks

Crystal Ball Gazer:
Initiative for a Competitive Inner City
Top 5 Inner City Small Business Predictions for 2012

Inconvenience Truths
Image Sources:

Ford Model A Roadster w Trunk:

Crowded Highway:
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
America's Love Affair With the Motor Car Is Running on Empty

Oh noes! Thinky tank!

Monument Valley:
Jeremy Woodhouse/Getty

Snug in bed
Family Christmas Online

Off the Path

Bus Stop Crowd & Bums:
At the Bus Stop (Daily Doodle)
Polish Bums Blog (really)
De Forfærdelige 5 (crazy smile)
Islamic Rage Boy
Star Trek Punk
CTA Bus Stop Sign, yours for $65.00

Crowded Airport
Airports Are "Hot Spots" for Infectious Diseases

Inside Bus
Tuscon Citizen
My Tucson: First city bus ride can be scary thing

Hahahhahaha. Tuscon.

TSA Sexual Assault
Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-MO: TSA Groping Just “Love Pats”

Muslims on a Plane:
The North Wind Online
NPR Analyst was fired for the wrong reasons

"When I get on a plane, I gotta tell you,
if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think
they're identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims,
I get worried. I get nervous."

Waiting for Takeoff
The Longest Day by Louise Kiernan

How September 11 exposed the weaknesses of the nation's air travel system

Enjoy the flight
The Screamer (Daily Doodle)

Airplane Movie Glass Crash:
Portable electronic devices may / may not make your plane fall out of the sky

Luggage Lost:
Do Good While Doing Well
KLM Ruins Teenagers First Trip Abroad 2013

Luggage never left Huston.

X-ray bus:
Metro Radiography

Caught in the Rain:
Daily Mail
Stormy skies ahead: Torrential downpours set to continue for a fortnight

after devastating monsoon kills teenage moped rider

Body, chalk outline:
The Write Practice
EMERGENCY: Your Creativity is Dying

You have two brains: a creating brain and a controlling brain.
Both are good, but they don’t always get along.

Encountered, but not raided:

World’s Largest Model Airport Completed In Hamburg, Germany
150 Square Meters Costing $4.8 Million

Mehran Karimi Nasseri (Wikipedia)
lived in the departure lounge of Terminal One in Charles de Gaulle Airport
from 26 August 1988 until July 2006

Dialup Destinations
Image Sources

Capt Kirk with communicator:
Raso on TV Tropes

Samsung Galaxy S4 Girls:

Sergey Brin in Google Glasses:
NY Daily News

Picard as Locutus:

Jess Dixon in his Flying Automobile:
Greater Greater Washington
How will self-driving cars change transportation?

Family on automated highway:
grottu on Daydreaming Cities
Automated private transportation can completely
reduce automobile related accidents/deaths…

Romney's Garage:
Auto Erotica: 10 Incredible Parking Garage Designs

Car Ferry
A Radical Public Transportation Solution Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Novel

Shopping Trolly:
Free Patents Online
Balanced small basket shopping cart
United States Patent D472026

Woman Shopping:
Food System History
Making the Modern American Food System
An online food exhibit

FedEx Truck

House Beautiful

Beauty Salon Hairdryers:
Vintage Folly
A trip to the salon circa 1950

Le Grand Cirque

Hot Pads

Kitchen Robot (top):
Top News
Now, robots that can help in kitchen work
and take care of elderly people

Kitchen Robot (base):
Kitchen Robots Make Sandwiches

Man Hours
Image Sources
I failed to note all of the many sources.
Some signs taken from streetsign sales sites.

Massive Multi-Lane Superhighway:
Optimum Transportation System Blog
"for anyone who believes the existing systems
do not fully provide what is needed
and would like to take part in developing a new system
without hidden agendas."
First line of proposal:
"An automated lane on an interstate highway
would go a long way to solve
the worlds transportation problems"

Crowded highway:
Travel safety tips for tourists this holiday

AP Photo/Nick Ut

Can't get there from here stopsign:
Daily Snacks
Humourous Joys, Jolly and Jokes

Multiple directional signs:
Trader Trent blog
Trader Trent - Stock market trading and education.

One way dead end:
Educating Instead of Medicating

Good Luck:
Just LOL blog

Confusing signs:
America's 10 Most Confusing Traffic Signs

Do Not Read,
Montreal 3-way:
English All Over the Place blog
A language-learning blog

Traffic Light Tree:
Real Cycling blog
Confusing signs and mixed signals

Edenlandia - directional signs:
Rob and Debbie in Italy blog

Right Lane Must Right Left:
Funny Wall

Wrong Way:
Long Islanders: 7 confusing spots for drivers

Parking Meters:
D.C. to fix confusing parking signs


Shipping Your Space
Image Sources:

Autonomous Car:

Nice Living Room:


Bellagio, Las Vegas website

Disneyland monorail (logo only):

Evolution of the Driveway (Daily Doodle)

Truckmaster Logistical Systems

Shady Street Dandridge TN
Lot/Land: $19,500

Virgin Trains

Green Cadillac:

SinanYuzakli Blog
The future of commuting promise auto-driving, self-parking cars

Double Decker Travel Trailer:
Kabe's Royal Tower:
the lord of the trailer park

Mostly-hidden caravan-plus-car:
Colim Caravan Concept :
A Cool Combination of A Car and A Caravan Camper

Fire Hydrant:
Sprouse Fire & Safety

A quintessential residential street
on the east side of Columbus, OH:
Hoarded Ordinaries
Our Cars Our Selves

Chicago Lawrence Avenue (mostly blurred & hidden):
©Mark 2400 on Flickr

Ask Professor Future
Image Sources

The part of Professor Future
was played by Guru Radd Dadd,
wearing the mask of
Michael Rennie from Day the Earth Stood Still

Catherine Saucedo
Just Another Power Journalism Blog
Jay Rosen: "The Journalists Formerly Known as the Media"

Monty Python Reporters:
My Confined Space

Cannes Reporters:
Murgie on GL1800Riders

Sky Tran:

China Superbus:
China plans 'super bus' to ease traffic jams

Autonomous Auto:
Autonomous + Automobile = Autonomobile: Driverless Car

(since "automobiles" aren't really "auto" at all)

Roller Skater:
Chicago Skates at

Tea Party Protesters:

Wall Street Protesters:
Wash.Post blog The Fix

NYC Taxi Medallion:

Oil Co Logos:
Petroleum & Gasoline Industry

Hard Hat Girl:
(not sure where - some commenter's link maybe?)

Construction workers protest:
Socialist Worker (UK)

Tower Crane:
Srsly you guys!

Atlantic Valet

Teamsters rally:

TeamstersNation blog

Vehicular Politics
Image Sources

World's Smallest Political Quiz chart:
Ron Muszynski for Michigan

Monster truck:
Jiro on

Moped Car:
Sweet tiny car with moped engine

Rusty Abandoned Car:
Auto-USSR: The Museum of Old Soviet Cars

1/15th scale replica of the iconic DeLorean time machine:
$39.99 - $59.99

JPaul on SmartCarOfAmerica

1965 Cadillac DeVille & friends:

Indian Bicycle Rickshaw School Bus:
Daily Travel Photos

Burning Fisker Karma:
Another Electric Car Causes Fire

Parking Fail:
c/o Type B Mom blog

Driving Innovation
According to Quote Investigator,
'Dedicated to Tracing Quotations,'
"...the evidence connecting him [Henry Ford] to the quotation
appears to be very weak.
On the other hand,
Henry Ford’s great-grandson William Clay Ford Jr.
used the remark in 2006
and indicated that the attribution was accurate."

Image Sources

That beautiful running horse:

Model A Ford:

Highway pattern:
Feature Wishlists & Suggestions for American Truck Simulator

Bike with square wheels:

Pussycar Automodule:
The Car of The Year 2000?

Double-decker six-wheeler:
2013 Stupid car by oklahoman13

18th place entry in More Than Usual 6

Silly little car:
Life Magazine
(not linked: Avast detected Trojan ... at!)

New Segway is what that is:
New Segway Design May Serve Better as Wheelchair

Kids Pushcar:
tracey's space
A Little (Plastic) Piece of My Heart

Dividing Highway
Image Sources

1968 Mustang Coupe
Great Running 289 with 4 Barrel Carb,
C4 Automatic, Power Steering, Styled Steel Wheels
This was my first car.
Well, not this car, probably.
But a blue 1968 Mustang 289 quite like this.

Residential street postcard:
Sprawled Out: The Search for Community in the American Suburb

Motive Power
Image Sources

1977 Ford Pinto:

Hogwarts Express:
Daily Mail
Harry Potter's Hogwarts Express
to go on display at
York's National Railway Museum

Roller coaster going up:
Energy Transfer in a Roller Coaster

Roller coaster in the clouds:
Star, Simplified
…a boomer muses about life, change, joys, sorrows
and freedom from the prison of corporate life

Roller coaster going down:
Krista's Photoblog
Because a documented life is way more fun
The Scorpion Roller Coaster

Seaside ruined roller coaster:

Semi with three trailers:
The Trucking Attorneys
Triple Trailers in Nevada, Triple the Risk?

Hamster Generator:
Dreams from Walnut Dust
Jeremy Varner blog
Dangers of the Digital Age

Found (but not used) in route:

Roller Coaster Painters (YouTube)
Mickey Donald & Goofy cartoon

by disneyisawesome1901

Roller Coaster Chess (Know Your Meme)
People going live with an XKCD idea

Teaching the teacher:
a roller coaster ride, reprised

Pic of Buddhists enjoying a roller coaster

Crazy Things People Do
With Roller Coasters (SomethinOdd blog)

The Automobilist Abroad
by Milburg Francisco Mansfield,
Illustrated by Blanche McManus

The control of a restive horse, a cranky boat,
or even a trolley-car on rails
is difficult enough for the inexperienced,
and there are many who would quail
before making the attempt;
but to the novice
in charge of an automobile,
some serious damage
is likely enough to occur
within an incredibly short space of time,
particularly if he does not
take into account
the tremendous force and power
which he controls
merely by the moving of a tiny lever,
or by the depressing of a pedal.

Any one interested in automobiles
should know something of
the literature of the subject,
which, during the last decade,
has already become formidable.

In English
the literature of the automobile
begins with Mr. Worby Beaumont's
Cantor Lectures (1895),
and the pamphlet by Mr. R. Jenkins on
"Power Locomotion on the Highways,"
published in 1896.

The 500 Cars of That Guy
Image Sources

Nissan PIVO concept car:

Balboa Island Ferry

Virtu Ferry

10-abreast economy class wide-body plane interior:
Airbus A350 - suitable for tomorrow's extra-wide passengers

Airbus A350:
Jacobin777 on

Quad Copter:
DIY Drones
AVroto / BQ-2 / Quad build Posted by John Seaman

Green Eggs and Ham:

Seuss scenery:
Dr. Seuss Copy Art by Jackie Roberts

The Third Dimension
Davies quote:
Car Elevators Are The Latest In Luxury
Just Ask Mitt Romney.

Monopoly guy ©Milton Bradley.
$crooge McDuck ©Disney.

Image Sources

Luxury elevator:
The Coolest Car Elevators

Motor Home elevator:
Five Million Dollar Car Elevator

c/o NC_Tigah on

Old mobile phone:
Old School Versions of Modern Gadgets

Obama Phones:
Do You Have Your Free Obama Phone Yet?

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Simple garage lift:
Deschodt on

Workman in coveralls:
Handsome workman sitting on the floor
with different tools

Audi Q5 hybrid quattro drivetrain-hybrid components:

Sky Ride:
Busch Gardens Tampa

Getting Away From Everywhere
Image Sources

Courting by Horse and Buggy:

Making out in old car:

Future Car:
Midwest Center for Clinical Research
Think Future

Hot cop:

Leave it to Beaver:
10 Bizarre Toilet Tales
from around the world

The Mesh
Image Sources

Automobile sensors:
Talking Cars, or V2V, May Help Humans Avoid Crashes

Lisbon Traffic:
Visualizing the Daily Traffic Patterns in Lisbon

Tel Aviv during Rush Hour:
Infoporn: Realtime roadmap

Self-driving car... with fins:
Who needs a licence?
Self-driving cars coming

Electric bus and future train:
Biway – All-Electric Buses
Combine To Form A Train (video)

Whirlwind Computer:
Global Wahrman blog
Commentary on the history and future
of computer animation,
Los Angeles, archaeology, historical linguistics,
photography and imaging,
bad user interface design,
archaic belief systems
and other deeply related topics
from the keyboard of
computer animation pioneer
Michael Wahrman
and his friends.

"Ivan Sutherland,
the Screen Transformation
and You"

White Eagle Aerospace
1st Geosynchronous Satellite

Kodama satellite:

Windows Blue Screen:
Free Wallpapers
Oversize Load
Image Sources

Oversized Load:

Heavy Load on the Highway:
Fountain Hills, AZ

Logging Truck:
Ontario Transport Ministry

Cat on Truck:

Ginormous Oversize Load:
"Largest Source of Internet Humour!"

Farmhouse on highway:

Gonna Need a Lotta Zots
Tinkertoy is owned & distributed by Hasbro

Image Sources

Wind-powered vehicle:

Solar-powered vehicle:

Tesla Wardenclyffe Tower
Zamanda Yolculuk Araştırmacılarına Duyuru?
Tesla Tower in Shoreham Long Island (1901 - 1917)
meant to be the "World Wireless" Broadcasting system

Tesla's Tower of Power:

Nikola Tesla:
ZekeunUnlimited blog
America’s Incandescent Light Shines Brightly Still, for Now

Nellie Johnstone gusher:
San Joaquin Valley Geology
Famous Gushers of the World

Grand River Dam:

Coal-fired plant:
SaferEnvironment blog

Nuclear Power Plant:
Alternative Energy Action Now
Nuclear Reactor
Control of Uncontrolled Energy

The Washington Fancy

When Systems Fail
Image Sources

Azerbaijani Refugees:
Azerbaijanis used whatever mode of transportation was available to flee from the attacking Armenians

World War I refugees:

Ghanaian refugees:
Hollie's Ramblings blog

Abandoned Roller Coaster:

NYC Blackout:
CISPA blackout on Earth Day:
What it is and why it matters
(Hint: It doesn't.)

Fleeing Katrina:
Corbis Images

Quake-ruined buildings, Taiwan 1999:

Hurricane Ivan:
University Corporation for Atmostpheric Research
Color-enhanced composite satellite image from NASA-GSFC

1932 Ford Model B Pickup:

Camper Shell:


Tank (turret):

Car Tank Treads:
Things I would buy if I were Rich

Carelessness, Accident, Gremlins
At first I thought to use the iconic Challenger explosion.
I preferred the glory of a few moments before,
when things were still A-OK.

Image Sources

1917 Car Wreck:
Mr. Ed's Old Car Pictures blog

You're in a box on wheels:

Locomotive fail:
The Daily Dose of Bullshit

Trains collide in India 1907 Dec 27:
"World Transport History"

Prince William Sound Earthquake 1964 Mar 28
Bridge Damage on the Cooper River, Alaska:
John A. Martin & Assoc. Structural Eng.

Wal-Mart truck fail:
Oregon Live

Car Pile-ups:
Lawrence Journal-World
Arlington Professional Firefighters Local 2393

Mid-air collision:

Okla I40 Bridge Collapse:


Future Vehicular Politics
Image Sources

Escaping East Berlin:

SRO bus:
Your Bus to Work Just Got a Little More Crowded

Building the Berlin Wall:
Kennedy and the Cold War

Prisoner of Shark Island:

Overcrowded Train in Bangladesh:
The Atlantic
(REUTERS/Andrew Biraj)

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo:
Space Tourism As Of 2009

Audi Calamaro Flying Car:
(Used this once earlier in much distorted form,
glad to use it again in its original,
albeit mirrored left-right.)

Car-Train collision:
A_Pmech on

Transport Future Yantra

The End of Traffic Law
Image Sources

Traffic Officer with Radar Gun:
Top 10 Cities With The Most Speed Traps

Traffic Stop:
Traffic Stop Protocol

Officer in rear view:

Car Search:
Maryland Transportation Authority

NYPD Tow Truck:
jag9889 on

Traffic Court:
Las Vegas

Pissed Off Judge
Are traffic court’s scams run by criminals
or are they about administering justice?

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Future Truck:
Logistics News:
European Expo Features New Highly
Aerodynamic Tractor-Trailer Designs

Modular Compartments
Image Sources

Domino's Delivery:
Car and Driver

Portable Bathroom:

Skyline Oklahoma City:

Country Sunset:

Landscape at Night:
Photographing Landscapes at Twilight

Kiato Beach Playground:

Family Picnic:

Shadow figures:
Diane at

Window Touchscreens
Some Rudimentary Examples
(and some silly)
Found this video after the above Doodle was completed.
"Not the real thing, but an amazing simulation!"
Compare the bottom-left panel in the Doodle
with what's shown at about 2:04 in the video:

Image Sources

Simple Windshield HUD:
Alan Templeton's Web Site
My Red Corvette

Complicated Windshield HUD:
Cool Infographics
Car HUD from the future

Metadata display:
Designing for Humans
Physical Interaction & The Future of User Interface Design

(Lots to check out on this site.)

3D Gesture Interface:
3D gesture-sensing dock

Google local search:

Inside car window:
Mother Jones

St. Michael's Alley (Tulsa):

St. Michael's Alley (Palo Alto, CA) menu:


Royalty Free Stock Image:
Graffiti and urban blight in New York City:

BMW's i8 Hybrid-Electric Sports Car:

Traffic Moving Away:
David Pakman's Blog
Not All Traffic Is Created Equal

Traffic moving toward:

Image Sources

Chevy for 1960:
Billboards of the Past
Actual old billboards for sale!

Crop Circle Winery:
Azvineyardguy's Blog

1950 Chevy Coupe:

Mazda KAAN E1 &
Coche Futurista:
Kosas Khayk Ver Y Saber Blog
Bestias de Cuatro Ruedas Hacia el Futuro
Big collection of futuristic car designs

Reagan Billboard:
Public Secrets Blog

Marijuana Billboard:

Turn in Your Arms:

McDonald's Billboard:
Cowan Entertainment Company
Designer and Graphic Artist: Rennie Cowan

Fall New England Countryside:

Burma Shave:
Ranch Ramblins

Driver of 1950 Chevy:
Oil and Gas Ads of the 1950s

Angry Driver
Image Sources

Google search input box angry driver

Modular Robotized Everything
Image Sources

Prefab Construction with Robot Crane:
PreFab Construction
Sustainable building for the future
NOTE! The link from the SharkRide article to
"Jacque Fresco’s future construction concepts"
gave me warnings from both my virusware and browser.

Sliding Hub:
Modular housing concept boasts 64 possible combinations


Weehouse (I didn't call it that!):
Prefab: Sustainable and Stylish. Seriously.

Stylish… so they say.

Clustered Modules:
"Parasitic Guerrilla Architecture Hijacks the Arche de la Défense"
Um… not responsible for sites on which images appeared.

Modules on Piers:
Private Island Living
Versa Dome Modular Housing

Flying Robot Construction:
NPR/Robert Krulwich on Science
Flying Robots Build A Tower Near Paris

"…Flying robotic construction clouds…"

Connector Kinetic roBot:

The Rise of Techno-Gods:
The Merging of Transhumanism and Spirituality
[Or The Alternate Raiders News Network's Title:
"How To Continue Attacking Tom Horn
At Every Transhumanist Conference In The World
In Hopes Conservatives Will Never Awaken
To The Posthuman Nightmare He Warns Of"]
(I have no idea what this is about)

Tank-Tread Robot Train:
New Scientist
Search and rescue robots team up for tricky tasks

Soft Robot bubbles
Soft Self-Reconfigurable Robots in Air

Rover Moving Box:
Cooperative Reconfigurable Swarm System (CooRSS) Project

Anticipatory Robot:
Cornell develops beer-pouring robot
that anticipates people's actions

Roboscooper roams rooms, picks stuff up

Robot Chair:

Top 10 Household Robots You Should Buy

Steampunkish Robot:
CookieEater2009 at
Household Robot Mark 1

Kitty on a Roomba:
reino Rajala on YouTube
The marvelous madcap Gyro Gearloose belongs to Disney.