It's All Fun and Games... Until...

It's all in the delivery.

Having my jokes misunderstood is one of the banes of my bane-laden life.

Self face-punchApparently my wit is too dry, my sardonic jests too inscrutable or overly complicated, or my delivery too deadpan. This has been my experience in print as well as face to face.

You think you're among people who know where you're coming from, and then you find out, not so much.

Anyone can send up a lead balloon now and then, come a clunker, blow a punch line, or just plain be completely misunderstood. When it seems to happen too frequently, combined with a self-consciousness about being mis-taken in a bad way, I begin to wonder if there's something intrinsically wrong with me.

So I figure, what can I do? And I joke about it. Hope you get it.