Thunderer, the Daisy Wheel Printer

Not very good with images.

Old computer hardware…

RS Daisy Wheel II printer

I had the wide-carriage pinfeed-paper attachment, numerous wheels, pica, elite, italics. Different color ribbons.

And the ribbon re-inker. (My accountant had the same, until he spilled a bottle of ink on an expensive oriental carpet, after which he calculated just buying fresh ribbons was more economical. Heh Good times.)

Ribbon re-inker, inky

1200 precious 1980 dollars, a real hearty investment even when I was well-off.

Bought fanfold paper by the case. Still have half a case of wide-carriage green-bar fanfold, if anyone needs some.

The one thing I never sprang for was the sound-insulated clamshell box for it. My neighbors didn't complain. But, then, I was the landlord....

Yes, I do still have it in the museum.