The Plural of Mouse

Another reason why English literacy should be required for citizenship.

The plural of mouse is mice,
a flock of goose is geese,
but more than one house is not hice,
nor a flock of moose known as meese.
You might have a couple of beers,
you might wish a hundred wishes,
but you can't see a couple of deers,
and a hundred fish are not fishes.
Yet if I have two scissors, and I give you one,
each now has scissors. English is fun!
Mouse, Moose
Insomniac: Where's that from? It reminds me of something Ogden Nash would have written.

mindful webworker: Erm, heh - bits of it from childhood, inspiration in previous comments, a touch of research on invariant nouns et al., but just baked originally at #177 on AoS.

Insomniac: In that case, I tip my hat to you sir. Very well done.

anon a mouse: Very cool. Of course, you'll be receiving the usual AoS accolades...