Attitudinal Morass

What leads you to believe judgements?

Attitudinal Morass 1975-Jun-6 Don Tyler -- So! You ask me, with that GRAVE concern on your face... you ask if i'm _all_right_ now?! The only way i can interpret that is to infer there is, implicit in your question, the working of a ''Not right, then!'' in your consciousness.
Since the working of a ''Not right, then'' concerning myself is a judgement, you must have felt qualified to judge once! How? Who told you i was ''not right?'' A friend? Freud? God? A little birdie? Yourself? John Law? The T.V.?
Whoever it was who told you I was ''Not right,'' including yourself, what led you to believe that judgement?
It's just.... It's just that the system could use a lot less judgement: and a lot more understanding:
A lot less criticism and a lot more Love!
Those who nailed the PRINCE OF PEACE to the cross must have thought themselves righteous... AND JUST!