Saint for a Broke Bloke

Need a hand or a handout? Good luck.

St Nicholas

In deep financial turmoil,
Approaching no good end,
What help can Heaven offer?
(Asking for a friend.)
Seen clearly now in hindsight
(Once startled to his senses),
Cascades of foolish choices
end in grievous consequences.
Of evidence that Heaven helps,
He hasn't seen a smidgen.
Blessings with the balance sheet?
Must be bad religion.
Belief that holy charity
could balance mortal flaws
was childish wishful thinking:
Give me money, Santa Claus!
What hope now for the ruined?
What mercy, Oh, Divine?
What prayer would make a difference?
Let's ask the Search Online!
Devoted Roman Catholic
My friend most surely ain't,
But mad with desperation
He searches for a saint.
Turns out there is a saint for that.
The answer turned up quick.
Who intercedes for such a case?
Ironically, St. Nick.