Merry Christmas 2018

And best wishes for a new year

Nothing new for Christmas this year. Some links to old seasonal webworks.

Egg Elfs

Journey to Bethlehem — A simple trip to pay the taxes becomes a life-or-death nightmare for a new family. A cartoon-illustrated take on the Nativity story.
Santa, Dear Friends — For those who may have come to doubt the old elf.
Mindful Webworkshop Episode #16 - Christmas — A politically incorrect and culturally inappropriate Christmas show - pop song parodies and original tunes sure to put coal in my stocking.
The Terrible Christmas Song — A cynical song about Santa. Short but sour. (Included in the Webworkshop #16 above.)
Joseph and Mary and the Lonely Birth Narrative — It was a little different than the average Christmas lawn display.
Let Your Aim Be... — do your Christmas shopping early. Filler ad for 1912 Nov 21.

Mindful-featured Other People's Webworks

On Mindful's "Other People's Stuff" blog:

On Mindful's "Other People's Videos" blog:

Christmas! 2018 — Videos of the season, top half of playlist is non-music, latter half is music videos.

And from back when other peoples video playlists were hosted on this site:

Short and Tall Christmas Day Tales — Seasonal video playlist put together back in 2012.
Merry Christmas!