Kids find so many ways to ask why. Well, why not?

C               Dm
Why do diamonds come from coal?
F              C
Why is New Mexico?
C           F       Am
Why is fire hot and not
   a crystal like the snow?

C                   Dm
Why not three sides to a square?
F               C
Why is the sky above?
C               Am
Why when babies cry
  do mothers care
    and why is love?
Why do birds lay eggs?
Why doesn't water run uphill?
Why is money? Why is funny?
   Why is William Bill?

Why chip potatoes? Pick tomatoes?
Lick an ice cream cone?
Why is a crowd so loud?
   Why do I sometimes feel alone?
Why is cheer? Why is fear?
Why is L.S.D.?
Why was Hitler? Why is Buddha?
   Why do you and me?

Why are what? how? who? how often?
When? Which? Where? and Why?
Why is a three year old?
   Why is the Fourth of July?

Why why why why why why why?
   Why is the Fourth of July?