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Joanna Kujawa, • Thu 2016 Dec 8, 6:42pm

…His intention was to approximate the location of Yeshua’s house in old Nazareth. From the descriptions in The Urantia Book, he guessed roughly where the house might be. The descriptions were quite detailed. …

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Jon Dunbar, Korea Times • Wed 2016 Jun 15, 7:40pm

Reggae singer Pato Banton is on a mission to Korea, coming with his partner and keyboardist Antoinette Rootsdawtah to spread a message of intellectual and spiritual growth.… A meet and greet is planned for Wednesday, socialization on June 17 and a gathering with Korea's Urantia community on June 19.…

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Three concentric azure blue circles • Thu 2016 May 5, 11:12pm

…Intriguingly enough, Planetary Prince takes its name and spiritual theme from the popular “Urantia Book” — an unspoken bible to many outside Christian, church-going theology. Graves himself is a follower of sorts. “That's a really deep book. A lot of people might think it's sacrilegious, but it makes so much sense about the breakdown of the universe and deities and Earth and man,” the bandleader said in a recent DL Media press release.

“The Urantia Book” has been universally embraced by the non-religious as the true bible. Allegedly conveyed by aliens who came down to Earth to share truths, the book combines spirituality with science…

Unspoken Bible to many outside Christian, church-going theology? What does that even mean, besides being stupidly wrong? Embraced by the non-religious as the true bible? Nonsense and more nonsense. Conveyed by aliens - do all these folks citing the UB drink from the same crazy water source? Holy cow this is dumb.

And the original Planetary Prince was the devil. Hope that's not who they're celebrating.

-BHoL editorial

Megan Giller, Van Winkles • Fri 2016 Jan 29, 7:26pm

…"The book touches upon everything from mind control to a eugenics plot to eliminate the 'inferior races' of our great nation."

Um, no it doesn't. This article about Celestial Seasonings ostensibly, as much as I could stand to read, is full of error, distortion, and gross misrepresentation. Somebody appears to either be an appallingly bad researcher or have some sort of vendetta. There is no truth here.
Anastasia Tsioulcas, NPR • Sat 2015 May 23, 6:23pm

…I found an intriguing post by Joe Drew that posits the German-born 20th-century composer Karlheinz Stockhausen as the "one truly great composer" who managed to marry science fiction and classical music. … one of the grandfathers of electronic music, and an artist who directly influenced everyone from The Beatles (his face is in the Sgt. Pepper's cover menagerie) to Frank Zappa to Kraftwerk … Many of the scenes and names in Stockhausen's seven-opera cycle Light refer explicitly to The Urantia Book. The opera Mittwoch aus Light (the "Wednesday" portion of Light, and long thought to be unperformable in its entirety) was fully staged for the first time just last week in Birmingham, England by the Birmingham Opera Company — including its infamous section for string quartet, four helicopters, four pilots, four sound engineers and a moderator.

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Dennis Wagner, Arizona Republic • Fri 2015 Feb 20, 9:33pm

A generally thorough article on the "Gabriel of Urantia" cult. Headline suggests they're preparing for "apocalypse," but nothing in the article suggests anything of the sort, except that they "seem like" other cults that have had apocalyptic episodes.

To join, members must renounce their given names and many of their possessions, steps they say are worth the serenity and security they find with the insular group.

But critics say the alliance is hardly serene. They describe a controlling, narcissistic leader who requires obedience and runs a cultlike community, and they draw parallels between the group and others that have garnered headlines following ritual-related deaths and mass suicides.

PR Web • Mon 2014 Jun 23, 4:49pm

Member of The Urantia Book Fellowship and seasoned author Nicholas P. Snoek just released his fourth book on this topic in the hopes to explain this second work of scripture in a more user-friendly way. “Another View” tells of a young Dutch boy as he becomes aware of an invisible friend who helps him explore religion and its background.

Lady Dragon • Sun 2012 Jul 8, 12:21pm

A: You know it’s interesting you bring up the virus. That is actually a question I had for you. Are you familiar with Urantia?
C: Yes.
A: OK. It also talks about that there had come a virus on the outer seventh sphere of the Universe. It equated the virus with fear, war, and amnesia. Do you agree with that?
C: Yes I would actually describe the way the virus was created was like a virus spreading around the galaxy. A mutation, an anomaly, an error, something that was also described in very old Gnostic texts from the last 2000 years and even earlier. So that this anomaly, this error needs to be corrected now. That is what we are doing. And this correction mechanism has reached its (?) right now.
[Like many references to the revelation, nothing of this sounds much like what I think the Urantia Papers say, but then again, I've said something similar myself.]

Len Mckee at • Sun 2012 Jul 1, 9:36pm
A most interesting dicotamy could easily arise in this 2012 Presidential Election should the candidates be asked the following question in a televised debate.... 'Mr. Candidate, this nation was chiefly founded on Christianity ... the Urantia Book claims to be, in part, a correction of Christianity ... what then are your views regarding the Urantia Book?" Both Christianity and Mormonism are religions 'about' Jesus. The Urantia Book (UB) purports to contain not only the full life of Jesus but the re-stating of the religion 'of' Jesus.
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Daily Mail • Fri 2012 Jun 15, 5:47pm
The research appears to cast aside the widely-held 'inflationary' theory of the origins of the universe, that it began with the Big Bang, and will continue to expand until a point in the future, when it will end. … They say that this means that this means that the universe cycles through aeons dominated by big bangs and supermassive black hole collisions.

Compare Urantia Paper 12:
The entire seven superuniverses participate in the two-billion-year cycles of space respiration along with the outer regions of the master universe.

[Brought to Mindful's attention through Google news feed for "Urantia," which brought up this article thanks to a mention by commenter FizViz, Brighton UK.]

book w earth
Joshua ben Joseph Project • Mon 2012 May 14, 3:55pm
The Joshua ben Joseph Project is dedicated to the illumination of the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it. The project involves capturing high definition video and still photographs of regions in which Jesus lived and worked and using them to dramatize and illuminate the magnificent story in Part 4 of The Urantia Book. • Fri 2011 Aug 12, 8:27am

Pato Banton initially burst onto the international reggae scene in the same wave of British artists that included his friends and colleagues Ranking Roger and UB40. Over the years, Banton's music and lyrics have retained the lighter pop appeal of those performers, while incrementally adding depth and profundity. At this point in his career, Banton has become one of reggae music's most individual and powerful artists. ... Banton's motivation for making records clearly is not based on marketing strategies, however, as he has frequently worked on projects with a spiritual, rather than commercial, impetus. Banton has appeared on a series of religious albums titled "Words of Christ." Banton does not use his own lyrics on these works, but rather serves as a narrator, reading texts from the Urantia Book, also known as the Fifth Epochal Revelation, the central work of an esoteric Christian splinter group. "I've been very blessed to find the Urantia Book. After 21 years of studying it, I'm convinced that it is a revelation for the human race," Banton says. "It's a gift from the angels." Tenets of Rastafarianism also figure in Banton's lyrics, but he cherishes his role as a Urantian prophet. "It's become a tool not only that I give to people but also that I can use for my own edification," he says. Banton, who says he has the gift of revelation, explains that it becomes manifest in many ways. "In my travels, there have been times when I've seen miracles before my own eyes. I have to give thanks for those times," he says. "I don't talk much about them, because I don't want to freak people out or make people think that I'm anything special, but there have been times when God has used me to do certain things, and I just stand there in awe." • Thu 2011 Jun 23, 6:33pm

CHASE KYLA HUNTER has been WARNING US! And SHE, according to her Twitter Profile, is a "Spirit Led Cherokee writer, news blogger. Genetic Clairvoyant. Jesus lover Bible Urantia. Nature mama. True blue conservative. Sun surf wine women & song :-)" YOU probably don't even know what "Urantia" MEANS! NEITHER DID I! Until I LOOKED! I LOOKED and I SAW!!! [Sarcasm much?]

3 circles • Mon 2011 May 30, 2:04pm

Standardized Reference Committee Text Alterations to First Printing Function of the Standardized Reference Committee: Excerpt from the Standardized Reference Text Committee Draft Report, December 2008 Since the first edition of The Urantia Book was published in 1955, there have been a number of changes made over the years. • Mon 2011 May 23, 10:03am

John, the Revelator, certainly didn't diminish our 'fear of God.' His revelations, along with others revered as 'holy men of God' has fueled the fires of fear and suspicion. According to the Urantia Papers, those events are grossly distorted and are exaggerated narratives—advocating there just is no such a 'wrathful and angry God' who, out of anger, destroys his children, but a kind and loving Father who never-endingly seeks to bring peace and harmony among his children • Sun 2011 May 15, 10:53pm

Martin Gardner's recent book, Urantia: The Great Cult Mystery, is designed to undermine the credibility of The Urantia Book. To accomplish this purpose Gardner deals almost entirely with the human concept carriers of the spiritual truths, not the spiritual truths themselves. In actuality, history may show that it helped to focus attention on the real spiritual quality of the Fifth Epochal Revelation (which he totally ignores) that will ensure its recognition and appreciation for centuries to come. Although Gardner's book abounds with misinformation, erroneous assumptions, and fantastic speculations, it may be fortuitous that it appeared early in the Urantia movement. • Sun 2011 May 15, 10:53pm

The guy who displayed the placard insisted that he didn’t write the message, but was "just helping out" and is actually a member of the JDL. (JDL stands for Jewish Defense League) The text says: "St. Marks Church taken over by Neo Nazis (Drug Trafficking Frank Morales, Urantia Cultist Les Jamieson, Eminem wannabee Luke Rudkowski) and their sympathizers (Tom Foti etc…) Time for a boycott! Death to Nazism! Long live Globalism…" [Honestly, I have no idea nor much interest what this is all about, but pass it along.] • Sun 2011 May 15, 10:52pm

An In-Depth Timeline Showing the Possible Use by the Intelligence Community of "Synthetic Telepathy" in the Urantia Movement, Teaching Mission (TeaM), A Course in Miracles (ACIM), Findhorn, and Other Religious/Cultic Organizations. [Sort-of intriguing]

3 circles • Sun 2011 May 15, 10:50pm

What happens when religious community degenerates into dangerous cult? • Sun 2011 May 15, 10:50pm

…a bold young man with long auburn curls and intense brown eyes. He had lived as a fruitarian in the jungles in Ecuador with a spiritual teacher named Johnny Lovewisdom. He knew about living on the land, gardening and smuggling various herbs. Every time we would pass the cannabis filled "peace pipe," he would bring out this big blue book and start telling me about The Urantia Book. I knew Jesus was groovy, but didn’t want to feel limited by any one teacher. • Sun 2011 May 15, 10:50pm

Three Histories of the Urantia Book by Matthew Rapaport

3 circles • Sat 2011 May 7, 11:09am

The quasi-Christian mix of science and religion in "The Urantia Book" — the text Stockhausen bought from the wizardly figure — became the spiritual basis for a huge operatic cycle, "Licht" ("Light"). Written from 1977 to 2003, "Licht" exceeds even Wagner's "Ring" cycle in its epic proportions, comprising seven full operas, one for each day of the week, and clocking in at 29 hours total. Stockhausen died in 2007, without having seen "Licht" staged in its entirety. But his work has found new life at the Cologne Opera, which in recent weeks presented the culmination of the cycle, "Sonntag" ("Sunday"). To house the production the company built two theaters within the cavernous Staatenhaus am Rheinpark, part of the city's exhibition center. • Fri 2011 Mar 18, 11:46am

This past weekend the world darkened with the loss of one of its brightest lights: Martin Gardner, polymath extraordinaire, founding father of the modern skeptical movement, and a friend. R.I.P. Martin. We will miss you terribly. How does one capture in a few paragraphs the life of one of the most [...] • Fri 2011 Mar 18, 11:16am

For 25 years, he wrote Scientific American 's Mathematical Games column, educating and entertaining minds and launching the careers of generations of mathematicians • Fri 2011 Mar 18, 11:15am

Martin Gardner, who celebrated his 95th birthday last October has passed away yesterday. Matt Blum wrote about his Birthday and new book in his post • Sat 2011 Mar 5, 9:52am

Internationally acclaimed Himalayan poet and writer Yuyutsu RD Sharma will offer a reading of some of his work from 7 to 8 p.m. Tuesday at The Center for Inner Peace, 740 W. 15th St. ... Yuyutsu's reading has been arranged by members of Urantia Book Study Groups of Pueblo.

3 circles • Mon 2010 Nov 29, 6:59pm

Further Records will release the next album by Chicago noisemaker Jamal Moss, AKA Hieroglyphic Being, entitled The Urantia Project. … He's known for his strange and often cacophonous style of house and techno….

Marketwire • Mon 2010 Oct 4, 11:10pm

An expanded version of JJ Johnson's insightful book and study guide, Up Close and Personal with The Urantia Book has been released in paperback and is available at • Mon 2009 Jun 15, 5:02pm

There is a similarity between Scientific Theory and Religion and The Urantia Book. There is a popular idea that the origin of humans began in Africa. This idea is promoted by scientists that specialize in these areas, such as paleoanthropologists. So it is a difficult task to change that idea. But looking at their findings there are serious objections to the idea that humans arose in Africa.... -Frank Jakubowsky