Look! Up! In the Sky!

Look! Up! In the Sky!
Up there? No, over there. There? No, there. Where?

Digital composition based on video still.
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The whole picture
This is, in case you don't recognize it,
a frame from the opening sequences of
The Adventures of Superman,
1950s, George Reeves as Superman.
Most of the characters in this sequence
I have tried to make up from scratch,
or like Frankenstein's monster,
from bits and pieces of many sources.
The depiction of the man pointing, however,
I left looking (such as my ability permits)
like the original actor.
"Director Tommy Carr's brother Steve
appeared as an unbilled extra
in nearly every one of the first 26 shows
(he was also the show's assistant director,
and was the man pointing 'up in the sky'
in the black-and-white intro)."
Superman Supersite