Mrs Bearman's Garden

Mrs Bearman's Garden
She made her little patch bloom.

Watercolor marker and permanent ink marker.
I was probably still using genuine Magic Markers.
Back in 1972, Nov 12th, Mrs. Bearman's birthday, it says here.
This was what I saw when I walked out of
my first independent one-room residence,
rented from Mrs. Bearman for nearly nine months.
When I ran across this picture again,
I thought of having tea with her in her kitchen,
when I went to pay her the rent.
I regret that I left and never wrote
or made contact with her ever again.
Didn't even leave her the drawing I did of her garden!
Broken bridges
to too many wonderful people who have been in my life.
She may be decades gone now.
Here you are, Mrs. Bearman.
Thanks for the accomodations and the tea and the time.
Happy birthday.