Little Highs

A series of squibs against prohibition's tyranny

The following were designed thinking of the changable-letter street signs that churches and businesses use. Go ahead and use any of these for any purpose you find fit. I would appreciate it, though, if you would let me know of any use you make of them.

Use is a right
Abuse a med prob
Actions governable

Do you want
drug warriors
or peace officers?

If God wanted us
to enjoy ourselves
we'd have pleasure

God planted here
good things to please us
Prohibition is

This evil so-called
war on drugs
Makes our good law
a tool of thugs

The war is all
inside your head
A change of mind
drug peace instead

Prohibition is
no solution
Give us back
the Constitution

We should be free!
is anti-family

Let's end this
evil prohibition
Smoke or drink,
Let's just go fishin'

The One who made all
flora and fauna
gave us the gift
of marijuana

Justice has
become a joke
When I can booze
but cannot toke

Drugs may be used
in moderation
All prohibition
kills the nation

Lord set our country loose
from prohib
which is law abuse.

Booze is legal
So's tobacco
Pot is not
The law is wacko

God gives us chocolate
pot and wine
and life and love
all gifts divine