Only Wanted a Toke

More personal arguments for repeal! repeal! REPEAL!


     E                  B
Last night Mary Lou got busted

       B                      E
'Cause she had a roach in her car

    E                Gbm
And Alvin the former heroin addict

    E             B             E
Got caught with a home-grown 'cigar'.


E                      B
Harry used to play the horses

  B                       E
Until he got turned on to grass

       E                 Gbm
He was doin' okay in the new job he had

           E           B       E
When they 'rrested ol' Harry's ass.


    E                  B
And they only wanted a toke

    B                          E
No, they did not want to shoot up

    E                 Gbm
Not one even wanted a drink

    E           B            E
And sometimes a law can just stink.

Segue into O'Copper O'Copper

2016 Sep 23: Performed (with illustrations) in Mindful Webworkshop Episode #7.