Old Love Singer

To commune with the savior affects the behavior.


Cm  Db F        Cm
I'm an old dope cleaner

      Bb-Dm-Bb F
I'm a pot-seed gleaner

      F        Eb        F
I'm a reader between the lines

Cm Db F             Cm
...I smoke a little dope

  Bb           F
Apply a little hope

      F        Eb     Db            C
I can see what people have in their minds


Cm  Db F               Cm
Hyp-no-tized you could say, why,

   Bb  Dm  Bb F
Or may-be  a  way I have

F           Eb          F
Made myself weak in the brain

Cm Db F           Cm
...I  see why you think it

    Bb        F
The mind is a trinket

    F           Eb      Db C
And all of ours hang on a  chain


Cm  Db  F         Cm
....The only true answer's

    Bb-Dm-Bb   F
the in-ter-nal dancer

      F            Eb               F
whose actions will cut through your mask

Cm Db  F             Cm
To com-mune with the savior

   Bb           F
Af-fects the be-havior

   F             Eb        Db C
So one knows the questions to ask

Mindful Webworks | Head Shop | Old Love Singer, page 2

Cm  Db     F       Cm
... You're not any higher

    Bb  Dm   Bb   F
For all your de - sire

     F           Eb         F
Than all of your kin in the flesh

Cm Db F           Cm
So as long as you stay

       Bb              F
In the world find your way

       F            Eb       Db   C
to the waters where mind can re - fresh


Cm  Db F        Cm
I'm an old love-drinker

     Bb    Dm   Bb F
Some-times I'm  a  stinker

    F            Eb           F
But that doesn't mean I don't try

Cm Db   F           Cm
...Love all men and God

Bb    Dm  Bb       Dm  F
These few words -- how odd

    F              Eb     Db  C
But that's how the living get by

       F       Eb     Db C
How completely they satisfy

2016 Sep 16: Performed (ironically instrumental) in music video Mindful Webworkshop #6.