Ace of Spades Blog Went Down

Assault, Maintenance, or (dare we hope) Upgrade?

Woke up one morning and Ace of Spades HQ was gone. I've seen AoS have problems, but never the "servers unavailable" message.

TinTin is Confused
Thoughts at 6 o'clock while AoSHQ is unavailable...

OMG, they finally got Ace!

I knew I should've made another donation of support!

Oboy! They're installing the new software!

All those helpless morons, starting blankly!

Vic, helplessly struck alone with all the news!

Hey, how would I contact anyone? I don't do FB or Twit.

Where's the backup blog?

What am I going to do while I drink coffee & wake up?

TinTin is Confused image from TV Tropes.

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Final report: AoS was not completely repaired as of this morning (2014 May 14 Wed) but was pretty much back in full operation. No more updating to this post.

Since at least 6am CDT the Ace of Spades blog is down. As of 2:30pm CDT, it's still down. As of 6:45pm CDT, the blog is available again, with many things missing, but coming back.

This is what I was looking for! The Ace of Spaces Blackout Blog

11:30am CDT, email from Maetenloch, who enlightened me about the Pixy tweet below.

Pixy's server had a meltdown. Whatever that means. This post will be updated when I have anything new.

((Earlier worries, now somewhat abated:))

I've written Maetenloch, because I don't have any other ready contacts from the moron horde. No reply yet (it's only been a few minutes).

I know Mindful Webworks is hardly a place any 'Morons' might drop by, but if by chance anyone should happen by as a result of a search or something, if you know anything about what's up with AoSHQ, or just want to start a rumor, post a comment below. Thanks.