Pwecious Pwesident Obama Tweefs

Some people should not be permitted to Selfie.

Communications on the Internet level the playing field.
LaughingStock Media panic, losing control of the Narrative.


Everyman has more than a printing press available.
Everyman has a video studio in his pocket.


Big Brother cannot stand up to the power.
Everyman has found his universal voice.
Everyone can interact directly with everyone else.

World Internet map
Not everyone, literally. Map c/o Atlas of Cyberspaces

And then there is the flip side of the level playing field,
where any idiot can tweet selfies…


…and everyone can see what a twit that self is.

Like this guy.

Your Message Here
The original picture, except for the message.


President Obama Took an Innocent Photo While Holding a Sign,
and Then the Internet Happened

Here's some mindful contributions.

The Classic Twit

I won, John.

The Bitter Twit

No room for Bitter Clingers

The Nit Wits' Twit
Just fool enough people.