Heap o' Fail Sun Aug 29, 2021

Links and videos of the Afghanistan debacle

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Our heroes were returned
Buzz Patterson @BuzzPatterson, Twitter, Aug 28, 2021

Our heroes were returned to American soil and Dover AFB today.

Nobody from the Biden White House attended.

il Donaldo Trumpo, YouTube, Aug 29, 2021 (0:48)

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"I love my job"
Bill Melugin @BillFOXLA, Twitter, Aug 28
One of the last Instagram posts from fallen Marine Sgt. Nicole Gee in Kabul, who was killed in the suicide blast. She’s holding a rescued infant.

“I love my job”.

She was 23. RIP.

Nicole Gee - 'I love my job'

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My little brother, Dylan Merola
David Merola @davidmerolajr, Twitter, Aug 28, 2021

Was notified last night, that my little brother, Dylan Merola, who was just deployed for over a week, was one of the casualties of the Kabul Airport attack. The news is starting to release his name as the 13th military member to pass away. RIP and say hey to dad & grandma for me

Dylan Merola

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These 12 made the ultimate sacrifice
Clay Travis @ClayTravis, Twitter, Aug 28, 2021

These 12 made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Thank you.

Twelve heroes
Feckless, Dementia Ridden Piece of Crap!
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Afghanistan: Joe Biden present as bodies of 13 American troops killed in Kabul attack return to US soil

The president and First Lady Jill Biden were due to be present at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware on Sunday for the "dignified transfer" of the US service members and to meet with the families of those who died.

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"Is it time for my nap yet?"
Benny @bennyjohnson, Twitter, Aug 29, 2021 (0:26)