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Wuhan Lab *Was* Cause Of COVID-19, Claims Award-Winning Scientist In New Study Citing 600 Pieces Of Evidence
Natalie Winters, National Pulse, Feb 19, 2021

Wiesendanger’s 105-page report continues, asking: “is the current global crisis actually the result of a coincidence in nature – a coincidental mutation of a coronavirus a bat with the assistance of an intermediate host – or the result of a Scientist carelessness when carrying out the project is high-risk research with global pandemic potential?”

To answer the question, Wiesendanger cites 600 incontrovertible facts to bolster his theory that “the number and the quality of evidence clearly indicate a laboratory accident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

On this beautiful Lenten snowy Sunday, please pray for Grace Life Church in Edmonton, Alberta. Their pastor gave a sermon last week that was a grad-level dissection of the duties and rights of government and he was arrested and jailed immediately thereafter. Great sermon and if you haven't heard it, it is linked right at their site. He is in solitary confinement right now. Also, the church has an outstanding written statement up that is a quicker explanation of current events.

This deserves much wider recognition than it has received. Please check it out.


James Coates: Pastor of GraceLife Church Jailed for Refusing to Comply With COVID-19 Mandates

James Coates is the pastor of GraceLife Church in Edmonton, Canada who was jailed for refusing to comply with COVID-19 mandates issued by Alberta Health Services. The preacher is in custody following a series of health department inspections and requests to comply with coronavirus regulations.

Coates Sermon: Directing Government to its Duty
Audio at GraceLife.ca

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Biden's Political Prisoners
American supporters of Donald Trump are facing persecution and prosecution here at home.
Julie Kelly, American Greatness, Feb 4, 2021

Prosecutors charged Griffin with one minor count of trespassing as part of the Justice Department’s sweeping investigation into the events of January 6. Griffin, who is a county commissioner in New Mexico, never entered the Capitol but investigators scoured his social media account to find evidence that he was “well within the restricted area” of the building.

Griffin did not assault a police officer or break any windows or even steal an important leader’s laptop. His real crime, of course, is that he’s a supporter of Donald Trump—and his real threat to society, according to U.S. prosecutors and a federal judge, is that Griffin dares to doubt the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. (In his post-arrest interview, Griffin told the FBI “the election was stolen.”)

Arguing that Griffin is a flight risk and should remain in jail throughout his trial, government lawyers claimed his refusal to accept Joe Biden as the legitimately elected president would cause him to also “deny the authority of the judicial officers appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.” … American supporters of Donald Trump are being rounded up, imprisoned, transported to the nation’s capital, and likely bankrupted over relatively minor crimes to stoke the narrative that an “insurrection” occurred last month.

More than 200 people have been charged so far….

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c/o Boomer Anthems: Nights in White Satin
Bettye LaVette - Nights In White Satin - Jazzwoche Burghausen 2016

Justin Hayward [who wrote the song for the Moody Blues]: …I never heard it until about two years ago, I was in bed and somebody sent me a version by Bettye LaVette. And I played it on my computer, and I burst into tears. … I heard the lyrics for the first time.…

Sigi Klar, YouTube, Jan 22, 2017 (5:27)

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Funny Punny Signs (36 Pics)
Chris Stuber, BuzzNicked, Dec 9, 2020