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Yelling Joe gets a spoonful of pudding
Bits & Bytes - Sun Sep 18, 2021
chrissy on PoliNation, news, views, and links to amuse

Vic's News Links & Commentary
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Aaarrrrrr! ''Tis Ye Sunday Morning Book Thread 09-19-2021
OregonMuse on Ace♠ —Shiver me timbers! As some of ye know, today be Talk Like A Pirate Day, so 'tis no wonder if ye ketch a pirate theme runnin' through today's thread.


"Awaken, Patriots" — Intellectual Froglegs
JoeDanGorman, Rumble, Sep 16, 2021 ()

ELIJAH SCHAFFER @ElijahSchaffer, Twitter, Sep 18, 2021

h/t Ian S. on A♠
FBI Gala
Jibfreshie @jibfreshie, Twitter, Sep 19, 2021