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545 My country went nowhere. The bedrock --Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution are still there. They've been obscured by the filth laid on them by the left. The shame for the present conditions lies squarely on the shoulders of that left.

I will never lose faith in my nation. Further, if those understandingly beginning to despair would take a look back through our history, you will find we have met and prevailed over issues even more serious than the present.

We are continuing the fight those who preceded us of ensuring the survival of this most exceptional nation. It is part of our heritage to do this.

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8 More Politically Correct But Factually False Words And Phrases To Stop Using Immediately
Elle Reynolds, The Federalist, Sep 1, 2021

If constantly flip-flopping on senseless COVID-19 restrictions hadn’t undermined the credibility of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention enough, the agency appointed itself language police last week with a list of acceptable (and not acceptable) terminology. From instructing English-speakers to deny biological realities with terms like “assigned male/female at birth” to touting unnecessary word salads like “people with self-reported income in the lowest income bracket” (instead of “poor people”), the CDC guide is full of catchphrases that sound messy and cloud meaning.

In the face of confusing and inaccurate language diktats from federal bureaucrats, The Federalist is here to help.

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So You Want a Tradwife
Katherine Dee, American Mind, Sep 1, 2021

Practical tips for finding what you really seek. … My suspicion is that many people dream of a partner who hasn’t been jaded by a debauched romantic life, male or female. Someone whom they can trust to be faithful, someone who loves them wholly, who marries for love. I also suspect that this population values family over career, experience, or money—values that naturally lend themselves to more traditional gender roles. A wife and mother who tends to the home, a father who is a breadwinner and protector.

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