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What Did the Capitol Celebrity Cops Do to Roseanne Boyland?
Julie Kelly, American Greatness, Sep 6, 2021

After eight months, we finally have an answer to who shot Ashli Babbitt. Next question: Who killed Roseanne Boyland?…
“I do not know what type of gas the officers used, but I know for sure that it was not tear gas,” Anderson said in an affidavit signed August 22. “After the officers sprayed this gas at me, I could not breathe for longer than a few seconds. This gas caused me to collapse, where the police then proceeded to push others on top of me. There were many others who collapsed because of these toxins, as I did. The police continued . . . hitting me and others. One of the people that fell in the crowd was a woman by the name Roseanne Boyland.”

…Once you have formed an opinion and made a decision, unforming it is difficult, but that is essential if you're going to make a change. The deeper something is in meaning, the harder it is to unmake a choice and make a new, different choice.

This process takes years, but it can't even *start* until the person says, "wait a second, X was supposed to happen but Y happened instead. Why?" You must first ask that "why" but even that is difficult because that particular "why" is the first crack that will tear you down and force you to reform. That sucks. That's hard. That takes time. That is fraught with peril because you might get it wrong (again). Most people don't want to do it. Most don't let themselves ask the first "why?"

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