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Do these people vote?
Sad but amusing, from chrissy on PoliNation

None are so blind as those who will not see. The red pill journey starts from within. There is nothing you can do. They must realize their own selves.
Publius on A♠

The more intelligent you are, the more complex your self-deceptions. One of the few instances where being smarter is a disadvantage.
Hoyt's Paid Turkish Provocateur on A♠


Patriot Retort: Holy Moses, Cuomo is resigning!

LaughingStock Media Loved Him
Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald, Twitter, Aug 10, 2021

h/t bonhomme on A♠
Biden* on Cuomo, Maybe Sorta?
Daily Caller @DailyCaller, Twitter, Aug 10, 2021

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c/o Citizen Free Press
Mitt RINO pushing the iNfRAsTrUcTuRe biLl...
il Donaldo Trumpo, YouTube, Aug 9, 2021 (0:29)

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Kurt Schlicter:
For too long red state conservatives have offered to live and let live with blue state liberals but the blues are evangelical Marxists who cannot allow us to provide a counter example of freedom. 1/

So, no more. We must, by any means necessary, force them to be like us. No quarter. No compromise. 2/

Ban CRT, Marxism and anti-American misinformation. Nationalize big tech and academia and mandate conservatism as their operational ideology. Ban leftist media and entertainment from spreading misinformation.3/

Penalize barren, non-familial lifestyles through taxes and disqualification from political participation. Establish property and military service qualifications for voting. Increase America's carbon footprint. Ban masks. Dismantle unions. 4/

Use the law to ensure blue submission. Imprison dissenters. Force them to act against their deepest beliefs to keep their jobs. End all social programs and deport all illegals. Outlaw crime again. 5/

Seems kind of harsh. But hey, isn't this the flip side of what they want to do to us? So I'm unclear why they would object that it's wrong. 6/

They started it. 7/

h/t Skip on A♠
The Elite Beltway Pedigree of Officer ‘Redneck’

But a few overlooked yet eye-popping details in Ball’s piece undermine Fanone’s public persona as the besieged D.C. undercover narcotics officer who donned an official uniform for the first time in 10 years to help rescue his colleagues from bloodthirsty Trump “insurrectionists” on January 6. Fanone has been on a nonstop publicity tour for seven months, stalking Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill and confronting his police union for its lack of support.

h/t A♠ Morning Report
c/o Andrea Widburg, American Thinker
Dare I Say That January 6 Was Not an Insurrection?
Dov Fischer, American Spectator

I remain adamant that January 6 was not an insurrection. To say otherwise is a despicable lie.

Insurrection was not on the mind of anyone serious at the Capitol on January 6. It was a very large demonstration aimed at protesting the way an election was conducted. No matter what anyone thinks of the November 2020 election, there was something wrong with states changing their election laws months, even weeks before balloting. In addition, social media monopolies suppressed the news of the Hunter Biden laptop, which would have been a game changer.

In the face of all that stuff, many thousands came to Washington, D.C. to protest. They did not come to seize the reins of power.

Biden voters meltdown, regret voting for him already!
Zeducation, YouTube, Au 11, 2021 (10:50)

Zeducation, YouTube, Aug 10, 2021 (12:02)
Woman Confronts Neighbor Over Tigger Flag
TheDC Shorts, YouTube, Aug 10, 2021 (3:13)

The World's Eeriest Ghost Cities
Sideprojects, YouTube, Aug 10, 2021 (11:13)