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He's getting steadily worse

A variation of the original clip, with added sounds.
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What is going on in that head?

Populist Press, Rumble, Feb 17, 2021 (1:05)

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Authentic Frontier Gibberish
It has always been as Lincoln said we have to you appear to a battle angels these guys are not and women they are in fact demented.

Actual Biden quote, from yesterday: "I wake up every morning, look at Jill, and say 'Where the hell are we?'"

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"Minorities... don't know how to use, know how to get online."

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Biden’s Signature is FORGED on Executive Orders, Likely By Jill
Montana Daily Gazette, Feb 2, 2021

A Missouri pharmacist, who is used to checking signatures for fraud, noticed the disparity between Biden’s longtime signature and that which is appearing on his executive orders. … The “B” in Joe’s signatures is not like his typical signature at all, which as best as we can tell, has remained the same for half a century or longer. However, it’s identical to the “B” in Jill Biden’s signature.

President Biden Town Hall Highlights
TheDC Shorts, YouTube, Feb 17, 2021 (5:03)

Joe Biden Goes Off The Rails at CNN's Town Hall Circus
Mark Dice, YouTube (not found on Rumble), Feb 17, 2021 (7:19)