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The Very Picture of Grace and Poise

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Putin Humiliated Biden In Moscow Meeting, Reveals Obama-Era White House Stenographer

"Joe Biden is lying about his 2011 dealings with Vladimir Putin in Moscow, and the Russian president isn't putting up with it. I know this because I was an eyewitness to the events of that day."

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Biden disaster in at Anchorage CCP summit
Jack Posobiec, Twitter, Mar 18, 2021 (19:31 Audio)

The Whole World is Watching

From the White House to the State Department to the US Military, America’s PC culture is spreading like a virus throughout the current Administration.

And the whole damn world is watching.

Political correctness, collective racial guilt, critical race theory – the entire hodgepodge of self-flagellating PC nonsense has become the driving force behind everything this foolish, short-sighted Administration is doing.

So are you at all surprised that in just one day both Russia and China exploited this weakness?

After Joe Biden feigned tough talk against Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Putin, like China in the early days of the pandemic, exploited the collective guilt zeitgeist gripping America’s ruling class.


The Very Picture of Grace and Poise
Jack Posobiec, Twitter, Mar 19, 2021 (0:18)

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A White House spokeswoman said Friday that President Biden fell on the steps of Air Force One because “it’s pretty windy outside.”

White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters aboard the presidential aircraft that she also was nearly toppled by the wind.

“It’s pretty windy outside. It’s very windy. I almost fell coming up the steps myself,” Jean-Pierre said.

She added the Biden “is doing 100 percent.”

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