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Morning Report, Jan 6, 2021
J.J. Sefton on A♠ - best news links compiler

Bits & Bytes, Jan 7, 2021
chrissy on PoliNation has headlines, commentary, links, and laughs.
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At The Highest Levels
Neon Revolt, Jan 6, 2021
"I hereby call for the immediate arrest of Michael Richard Pence, 48th Vice President of the United States, for Treason."

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Biggest Horse-Race Fixer of All Time Says Democrats Stole Election
Here’s how.

Wayne Allyn Root, Front Page Mag, Jan 6, 2021

…My buddy has a Ph.D. in the Art of the Steal. … Richie watched and studied the 2020 presidential election. He calls it "the greatest scam and steal in world history." He says anyone who denies this election was stolen is a criminal who was in on the scam; a bribed politician or bureaucrat who benefits from the scam; or a complete naive moron.

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Jim Inhofe, Tim Scott Won’t Object to Electoral College Certification

“My job on Wednesday is clear, and there are only two things I am permitted to do under the Constitution: ensure the electors are properly certified and count the electoral votes, even when I disagree with the outcome,” Inhofe said in the statement. “To challenge a state’s certification, given how specific the Constitution is, would be a violation of my oath of office—that is not something I am willing to do and is not something Oklahomans would want me to do.”

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