Ironies of the Week

Juxtapositions of realities in everyday politics

This explains everything:
What you Learn from the News

Now that you know the language, these actually aren't ironic after all, but make perfect sense. perfect sense. perfect sense. perfect sense.

Rick Perry does 'Letterman' Top 10 List
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And in the center circle under the big tent:
Once upon a time, there were colorful creatures known as Hippies. They were not dirty, they wore colorful clothes, and did absurdist street theater for fun. They lasted about two months and I think there were six of them, all together. Many unfortunate imitators followed. Today, the Occupiers have taken on the squalor and color of those unfortunate imitators, but apparently the mantle of absurdist street theater has been passed to the conservative bloggers crowd.

Occupy BlogCon11 by smanarchist

There will be many other perspectives, methinx! For example
Occupy Denver Invades BlogCon11 by peoplespresstube
Occupy Denver Is Pushed Back by BlogCon'11 Conservative Attendees by misfitpolitics
Occupy ASSAULTS in Denver! by StevenCrowder
Occupy Denver tries to crash Blogcon '11 by MsTami71
Occupy Denver shows up at BlogCon by JaseLP22 (boring, civilized debate… at first)
Occupy Denver Protester Arrested by Thesharktank1